Friday, May 20

“Mistrust, availability and logistics: the challenges that will prevent Africa from vaccinating its entire population by 2022”

The coronavirus despite having been an unknown disease for everyone, in which Africa was expected to suffer a lot compared to other continents, it turns out that both in Benin, where the collaborator of Anesvad Ghislain Sopoh, as in other African countries, the experience of other epidemics helped to quickly contain the spread of the pandemic across the continent.

Regarding vaccines, currently their availability, logistics and the conviction of the most distrustful population, are the three challenges that will prevent the African continent from being able to vaccinate its entire population between now and 2022, says the head of the Regional Institute of Public Health in Ouidah. Finally, the key, as he tells us, would be to consider COVID as one more epidemiology in Africa, putting it at the same level as other endemic diseases, since only in this way would greater problems be avoided on the continent.