Tuesday, August 9

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: almost 100 kilometers of electric range and more technology in the best SUV of the brand

Mitsubishi debuts new generation of Outlander PHEV, its plug-in hybrid SUV that lands with a renewed propulsion system, new aesthetics and a lot of equipment at a technological level.

The Outlander, in that plug-in hybrid version, promises to reach the 87 kilometers of autonomy in 100% electric mode, thanks to a 20 kWh battery.

More range and technology for the Outlander PHEV

The new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV debuts a 20 kWh battery that promises up to 87 kilometers of autonomy (45 was capable of traveling the previous model), according to the WLTP cycle, in purely electric mode. Unfortunately, the company did not want to reveal the heat engine that accompanies the electric motor, I weighed have officially presented the vehicle.

On an aesthetic level, the renewal of the front of the vehicle stands out, with an even more muscular front, a new fender plus 4×4 and new grill. It has new 20-inch wheels and a completely renewed tailgate, with more refined headlights compared to the previous generation.

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As for electronic aids, it will have adaptive cruise with traffic jam assistant, lane maintenance assistant, traffic sign recognition (it is capable of adapting the speed at which the traffic signs mark) and an interior in which screens have been redesigned to make them easier to consult.

This Outlander features an improved S-AWC system and a better powertrain. This S-AWC system is the drive system designed for the Outlander hybrid. Said system is in charge of controlling the distribution of the driving force between the four wheels, offering an all-wheel drive in which the engine torque is controlled according to the driving of the user and the behavior of the vehicle.

Outlander Interior

As for the interior of the new Outlander it has a more technological interior, with a new instrument panel and center console. Mitsubishi indicates that all instrumentation has been redesigned to make it easier to see, highlighting two huge screens inside: console and instrument panel.

The new Outlander has been presented in Japan, where it will go on sale from December 16. There is no news yet about the arrival in Europe of this renewal, although following the history of the brand, it should reach our lands, as it is one of the key vehicles of Mitsubishi.