Sunday, December 5

Miviot and Unachi sign an inter-institutional cooperation agreement

In order to promote technical, academic, scientific and technological exchange in activities, programs and joint projects that promote the development of students’ skills, human resources and the exchange of knowledge between experts, the Ministry of Housing and Land Managementl (Miviot) and the Autonomous University of Chiriqui (Unachi) signed a Interinstitutional Cooperation Agreement.

This document, which consists of 16 clauses, was signed by the owner of Housing, Rogelio Paredes and by the rector of this center for higher studies, Etelvina Medianero, who committed to collaborate with the development of the program or project established in accordance with the rules and regulations of the parties.

Paredes indicated that “the idea is to work as a team, to do more with less, to be able to organize ourselves in such a way that the benefit of one can be shared with the other and that, in turn, those elements that may be in our hands can serve you. and make everything flow more efficiently ”.

One of the clauses of this agreement establishes the modalities of inter-institutional cooperation, where it is agreed to develop activities, projects, special programs, training and common aspects that contribute to the improvement and enhancement of each institution.

Another of the provisions established in the agreement is the proposal of projects where each of the institutions will propose the realization of the same, which must be adjusted to the institutional policies of each of the parties.

Likewise, the agreement has commitments from both Miviot and Unachi, where the first entity undertakes to allow undergraduate and graduate students to use the facilities of this entity to carry out internships, professional practices, university social service and research and inform the university of any concerted activity.

For its part, Unachi is committed to selecting students, preparing a database, developing the project, assuming administrative management and informing Miviot of the agreed activities.

On this matter, the rector Medianero said that the only way to achieve the growth and development of our country is to work in strategic alliances, because this is a teamwork that will help both Miviot and Unachi to project themselves towards the communities more needy.

Meanwhile, graduates will be allowed to develop internships and volunteering, which will be duly certified by the institution that receives them, which will facilitate that they can acquire work experience, understanding that it does not generate future hiring commitments, or economic remuneration.

Likewise, this center of higher studies will develop programs, courses, postgraduate and master’s degrees for Miviot’s human resources (five quotas per year), which once they certify their status as a collaborator, will obtain a 20% discount on credits.

This agreement will enter into force from the date on which the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic endorses it and will have a duration of five years.

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