Friday, August 12

Miviot will build 1,116 housing solutions in Bocas del Toro

The Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning (Miviot), contemplates the construction of 1,116 housing solutions for the same number of families in vulnerability residing in sectors considered in poverty and extreme poverty in the province of Bocas del Toro.

The figures were presented by the Vice Minister of Housing, Daniela Martinez, during the permanent dialogue table held by the National government with the live forces of Bocas del Toro, to review the pending commitments that are had with the Bocatoreña society and population.

Vice Minister Martínez detailed the report of the number of new houses that the Miviot it plans to grant by means of a bidding contract with the private company and those contemplated through the self-management mechanism.

He argued that the institution managed to transfer items to expropriate and compensate some landowners and be able to start the allocation of lots and also carried out the corresponding sweeps in various settlements and communities of Boca del Rio, among them; El Cangrejal, Cucula, San San Puente, Evenezer and Los Sin Tierras.

The construction of 200 new houses in the Chiriquí Grande district, 300 houses for the Changuinola district and the tender and award of the construction contract for 400 houses for the employees of the Union of Workers of the Banana Industry, Agriculture and Related Companies (Sitraibana).

The project of 489 homes is developed in Colon Island for families included in the institutional census and who live in unfavorable conditions near the airport. The delivery of these homes will take place after the final construction of the treatment plant.

Vice Minister Martínez stated that another project of 85 homes is being developed in Isla Bastimento to be delivered in 2022 after the construction of the treatment plant.

A housing project of 216 homes is evaluated within the 28-hectare polygon destined for the construction of the government city.

Martínez López, was clear in explaining the legal status of farm No. 181 and the procedures carried out by Miviot to resolve the claims of the leaders and residents of the Bajo Cedro community, in Chiriquí Grande, in relation to the dispute over eThis 600-hectare globe of land, invaded 100 years ago and now owned by a public limited company.

Farm No. 181 is under a preventive margin by the Panama public registry, for suspicions of an alleged registration and irregular adjudication.

On finca N°413 owned by Luzmila Cruz, in the district of Chiriqui Grande, the vice minister Martinez Lopez, indicated that it was expropriated according to public appraisals.

Finally, Martínez, informed that he will travel the weekend with a technical team from Miviot to make a field trip to the different projects under construction and those that are in process for a public act and in planning within the province of Bull’s mouths.