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Mobike leaked user data especially from Latin America | Digital Trends Spanish

The Chinese capitals behind bike sold much of their business in Latin America in 2019, in fact the operation based in China it was later renamed to Meituan Bike. However, the technology site techcrunch received documents from a user data breach that primarily involves data from Latin American countries such as Argentina and Brazil.

“The security researcher Bob Diachenko found the data in an unprotected storage bucket hosted by Amazon on February 11 and passed the details to TechCrunch in an effort to protect the data. The name of the cube suggests that it belonged to Mobike, a once-promising bike-sharing operator founded in China. Anyone who knew the easily guessable cube name could browse the trove of passports and identity documents, dating back to 2017 and growing in size every day, from their web browser.

The truth is that it would be identity data containing 94,000 customer selfies and 49,000 customer signatures to verify the user’s identity. Almost all identity documents were for users from Latin America, including Argentina and Brazil. But none of the data was encrypted.

When contacted by TechCrunch, Meituan spokesperson Xiang Xi said the company had “nothing to do with the matter” as it had sold Mobike’s business in Latin America in August 2019, but declined to say who. acquired the company citing a nondisclosure agreement, which makes it considerably more difficult to know exactly who to contact about exposed customer data.

However, it was learned that the leak corresponded to dates prior to 2019.

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