Sunday, December 5

+ Mobile seals solidarity alliance with Telethon 20-30

For more than 15 years, + Mobile has been an allied and supportive arm with those associations that promote social impact initiatives such as the Telethon 20-30.

The determination to transform environments that renew the commitment to Panamanian children continues to inspire the commercial and corporate model of this telecommunications company that today in the presence of social media, special guests and personalities is proud to announce its commitment as Official Sponsor of Telethon 20-30, 2021.

In this context, + Mobile has shown special interest in the importance of the first phase of the target project VACCINATION 20-30, launched in the Express Vaccination Centers from La Chorrera, Chiriquí and Rommel Fernández, created with the purpose of saving lives and speeding up the immunization process in the country, which today amounts to more than 500 thousand doses and as a second goal project, to contribute to people with disabilities in the health, education, food and sports segments.

“To Telethon 20-30 We are joined by a unique adventure, where we have been an important part of strategic projects with technological solutions with which we have transformed the health and well-being of many children. Being here again, putting our shoulders to the cause excites us, because we continue to be there also with our networks, through internet services and landlines that make possible the success of this altruistic event that unites Panama. It is the opportunity to strengthen ties and build bridges in the same common goal for the well-being of the country, “he said. Betzalel Kenigsztein, CEO and CEO of + Mobile.

Carry a comprehensive message of unity, commitment and teamwork; exemplifies the message of + Mobile and Telethon 20-30 aimed at reinforcing the need to continue reaching more people and immunize a greater number of Panamanians to guarantee the defense for life against the coronavirus, which allows us today more than ever, collaboration and urgent measures to defeat this terrible team as a team virus and contribute to the underprivileged.

For the signing of this alliance, they were gifts Olmedo Rodríguez, President of the Telethon 20-30 2021; Hipólito Donoso Garrido, President and legal representative of the Active Club 20-30 of Panama; Juan Carlos Diaz- Vice President of Collection and Sponsorship; Mr. Luis Pong, Vice President of Sponsorship, Lucia Sánchez, Star Ambassador 2021 and Betzalel Kenigsztein, CEO and CEO of + Mobile.

In the last two years, + Mobile it has played a fundamental role as guarantor of connectivity; providing direct benefits to clients through solidarity, educational and moratorium plans for people affected by the pandemic and always reinforcing in our collaborators and clients, all hygiene and safety protocols to stop the virus.

Withor company, we take charge with determination being in solidarity with others, to help and get out together from this adverse situation that afflicts the