Sunday, July 3

Moderna begins trials of a flu vaccine | Digital Trends Spanish

Moderna has announced that its quadrivalent seasonal flu mRNA candidate vaccine has begun clinical trials.

The pharmaceutical company reported that it administered its vaccine to the first group of volunteers in a clinical trial, marking the next stage of the company’s work in these types of technologies after the success of its ani-COVID-19 vaccine.

The efficacy of mRNA vaccines against coronavirus represented an important support for this type of drug. Now, drug companies plan to use this technology to fight other types of infectious diseases, including the flu.

Moderna hopes that mRNA-based flu vaccines will be more effective than traditional ones. Being faster to manufacture, production would not have to start that far in advance and could theoretically be better suited to the type of flu that spreads each season.

“Our vision is to develop a combined mRNA vaccine so that people can receive a single injection each fall for highly effective protection against the most problematic respiratory viruses,” Stéphane Bancel, Moderna’s CEO, said in a press release. .

The company also believes that if this technology proves to be safe and effective, it could make us better prepared for a possible pandemic flu in the future.

“The mRNA provides us with a very strong platform for a rapid response,” said Rosemary Rochford, an immunologist at the University of Colorado, in a note from The Verge.

Moderna, finally, ensures that this drug follows the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

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