Monday, May 23

‘Mom. Of. The. Year.’ saves child from crashing Tour de France riders in nanosecond of pure instinct

  • An attentive Tour de France spectator saved a child from high-speed crashing riders on Saturday.
  • In a moment of instinct, she snatched the child out of harm’s way as riders smashed to the ground around them.
  • The brilliant save came after two massive crashes on the opening day of the three-week race.

Amid all the crashing and carnage on the wildest opening day in Tour de France history, a woman saved a kid — presumably mother and child — from what could easily have ended in tragedy.

As the peloton was racing along at high speed inside the last five miles of stage one on Saturday, a touch of wheels caused a crash that sent dozens of riders to the ground, with several tumbling onto the roadside, where a number of spectators were watching .

Here’s a clip showing more of the crash and save:

It was the second massive crash of the day.

Not long before, an oblivious spectator caused a huge pile-up when she held a cardboard sign out into the road directly in the way of the riders.

That sent dozens of riders to the ground, with some having to abandon the race because of injury.

The French police are looking for the woman and the race organizers are aiming to sue her, the BBC reported citing the AFP.