Sunday, December 10

Monedero will sue Cospedal for the audios that show that he maneuvered with Villarejo against Podemos

The founder of Podemos and director of the Democracy and Republic Institute, Juan Carlos Monedero, will file a complaint against the former general secretary of the PP María Dolores de Cospedal after hearing the audios published by The country which show that the former Minister of Defense maneuvered with former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo to try to impute false crimes to Podemos. This has been confirmed by Monedero himself this Thursday in conversation with

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“I have transferred to my lawyer to prepare a complaint against Dolores de Cospedal and against the commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, as a result of the audios that show maneuvers against Podemos, against Pablo Iglesias and against me. In the accusation several crimes are being studied, among them that of libel, slander, conspiracy to commit a crime and a possible crime of false accusation and complaint and simulation of crimes in order to harm. Without demerit that some more arise ”, has summarized Monedero.

In his opinion, “the statement in those audios by Villarejo saying ‘fundamentally Monedero’ and stating” that they were going to “ruin the lives” of the leaders of Podemos is worrying. “Even more so when later all kinds of attacks began in that direction, in which State institutions participated,” he added. Monedero considers “inadmissible that a member of the Government and also general secretary of the ruling party used the services of a commissioner to harm political opponents by accusing them of false crimes, which may be an indication of the spurious use of the State to commit crimes against members of Podemos ”.

“The subsequent accusations, the media attacks and the persecution that I suffered are proof that the will shown in the audios was later put into operation,” he continued. “The state apparatuses have been used illegally to harm the leaders, and in this task they have found the collusion of some media outlets that used false evidence to slander and insult,” she concluded.

The audio controversy

On May 5, 2017, Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo recognized in a conversation with the then General Secretary of the PP and Minister of Defense, María Dolores de Cospedal, that the PISA report (Pablo Iglesias Sociedad Anónima) —the document of the political brigade without police letterhead or signature that tried to demonstrate irregular financing of Podemos and that was leaked to the press—was “garbage.” “They did that shit about the PISA report, that’s rubbish, and with that they vaccinated him,” Villarejo told Cospedal, according to the audios published this Thursday by the Prisa newspaper.

In the dialogue, seized in the registry of the commissioner’s properties and that is not incorporated into any legal case, Villarejo tells the popular leader that they have told him that Iglesias wants to meet him and that he gives him “cane” because he does not do “neither fucking case.” “Well, that’s a traitor, eh?” Cospedal replies about the leader of Podemos. “Coletas is a son of a bitch,” Villarejo insults, to which she agrees that he is “a full-fledged son of a bitch.”

Next, the commissioner assures that in 2014 he had “a second piece of the host” coming from “a colonel of the Venezuelan secret service” with “some minutes where there were meetings of ETA with the Cuban secret service and with those of Podemos” in Venezuela . To the then Minister of Defense that seems “a bomb”. “That bomb, when I told these people, Paco [Martínez, en ese momento número dos del Ministerio del Interior] he shit Paco, poor thing, good people and such…”, Villarejo tells him. “But I do want that,” says Cospedal.

All cases, archived

At another point in the dialogue, Villarejo calls the PISA report “garbage”. “They did that shit about the Pisa report, that is rubbish, and with that they vaccinated him. I think it was commissioned by El Coletas, it’s that there is no other explanation. So that line, that I could reconstruct for you, of course, all that is worth dough, of course it is worth dough! ”, He says.

“But what is the political return, María Dolores, of discovering the acts where these sons of bitches had instructions from the Cuban secret service, the ETA members and the Venezuelan secret service, these sons of bitches? The Wallet, fundamentally. We seek their ruin, ”he says.

The judicial investigations have never confirmed any of the things stated by Villarejo in their conversation. The latest investigation undertaken against Podemos and its alleged irregular financing by order of the National Court has recently been archived.