Thursday, February 2

Mónica Oltra: “I resigned to avoid a Valencian government only from the PSOE”

Mónica Oltra has been the protagonist of the program saved which is broadcast every Sunday night on La Sexta. The former Vice President of the Valencian Government and a benchmark for Compromís has answered the questions of the journalist and director of the program, Fernando González ‘Gonzo’, about her personal and political situation before, during and after the case of the minor abused by her ex-husband in a residence supervised by the department that managed. An event for which she is accused of alleged cover-up, which precipitated her resignation from all charges and the abandonment of her seat as deputy of the Corts Valencianes.

Under the title ‘Mónica Oltra, end of a silence’, the conversation started, starting with the current state of mind of the former vice president: “Well, if I had to define it in one word, it is serene, but that serenity has ups and downs. I am enjoying simple things that I missed before, for example my mother. She says that the Valencian Community has lost a great policy, but that it has recovered a daughter”.

On a personal level, he explained that he currently lives “on unemployment benefits, there are 1,300 euros a month when he has two children”, and he has also commented that he would like to “learn welding”. Regarding her confidence in justice, she has affirmed that she currently has “a crisis of faith” and that many people ask her if she will open her law firm again, but that while she endures this crisis she does not ask him. poses.

On the specific case that led him to resign, he has elaborated on the arguments and explanations offered publicly up to now: “We were not a couple, although we still lived in the same building, which is divided into rooms. I found out about my ex-husband’s summons because he called me on the phone the day he got home the summons and he read me what it said. It was in August 2017, six months after the minor accused him.

After Gonzo insisted on this aspect, in those six months from when the minor’s complaint was made until Oltra found out about her ex-husband’s judicial summons, the former leader of Compromís has commented that the Ministry of Inclusive Policies did not informed about the matter. As he explained, “the instructions were changed as a result of this case because I understood that these types of issues have to come to the attention of the general management, but at that time the officials worked with the protocols that existed, which were none” . According to Oltra, “people knew that there had been an investigation for abuse, but they also did not know who I was in relation to me or the details that we now know.”

In relation to the contradictory version in the preparation of the report on the complaint of the minor parallel to the judicial investigation, whose preparation order was initially attributed, which she later denied before the judge, she has assured that she did not commission “the information file, It was a decision that came from the general management, which is the normal procedure”. Regarding her statements attributing it to him, she explained that she did it “to protect the integrity of five or six other people from the Ministry who had just been charged because it was very unfair, it was a way of giving support to these people.”

Regarding the file, Oltra has stressed that to this day he has not yet read it: “I consider that I should not do it, the technicians have always worked with total freedom and that is what the 13 people investigated from the Ministry have said, to many of them which I don’t even know and they don’t have to play it. But everyone has said that there was no instruction in any sense from the ministry, I have not done anything illicit, immoral, or illegal, I acted with integrity.

Regarding the moments prior to her resignation, five days after confirming her accusation, the former vice president has pointed out about the majority government partner, with President Ximo Puig at the helm: “The pressure of assuming the false story was what he did that the PSOE threatened to remove me from the Government and that would have been a bomb that the coalition government would have broken. I think that the PSOE fantasized about the idea of ​​governing alone and since I already know what PSOE governments alone are and how little they often differ from those governments we have fought against, I decided that it was more important to safeguard a government to run the risk that the PSOE would be tempted to govern alone”. However, Oltra has qualified that Ximo Puig never threatened to throw her out, although messages from her were leaked from her Presidency to pressure her in this regard.

Asked about the evidence she has that this case is a campaign orchestrated by the extreme right, she recalled: “They say it, that the objective of this was to get Mónica Oltra out of politics, they have written it on their social networks.” And she questioned if this is a case of lawfare (dirty war in the courts), has been resounding: “Yes, from the books, it is a dirty war in the courts from the books that the actors themselves recognize. José Luis Roberto (leader of Spain 2,000) writes ‘I’m going to fuck her without touching her hair’ and Cristina Seguí (co-founder of Vox in Valencia) writes that ‘we have achieved our goal’”.

Oltra, finally, acknowledges that he has missed the calls from some leaders, although without giving names, and affirms that both Yolanda Díaz and Ada Colau have written to him, while with Mónica García he affirms that he has spoken more frequently: “He is one of those people that despite all his occupations he always finds a moment for a call”.

Regarding his political ambitions for the future, he has commented that he will never give up on them and that in any case he will contribute “from wherever it is to ensure that policies for change and in favor of ordinary people continue on this earth and that they are reinforced.” He has qualified that this can be done from many areas, “not necessarily being the head of the list.”