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Monster Hunter Rise on PC, first impressions | Digital Trends Spanish

The long-lived series Monster hunter Capcom has appeared on many platforms since its first installment in 2004, although consoles – from different brands and manufacturers – have generally taken priority. Monster hunter rise was another example of this, releasing on Nintendo Switch in March 2021, although that will change in the coming months when the game make your arrival on Steam.

And to excite new and old players who may not have the Nintendo handheld, Capcom has released a demo that we had early access to for some first impressions of this version of Monster Hunter. Despite launching on a single platform, Monster hunter rise It is already one of the best-selling titles of the entire series, which says something about its quality.

The PC demo allows you to play three missions and two tutorials and this content serves several reasons. On the one hand, those who have never played a Monster hunter you will be able to get a good idea of ​​the focus of the series, although particularly Rise seems to be divided into shorter and faster missions than other titles.

Perhaps this has to do with its nature of portable game and that encapsulates the objectives in limited times and proof of this are the hunting missions of the demo even though the most difficult one I had to try several times as I was not able to hunt the game. target in less than the 15 minute cutoff.

These three missions and the tutorials are enough -and necessary- to understand both the global operation of Monster hunter rise like some new movement mechanics introduced in this installment. Furthermore, by its nature of japanese game, this Monster hunter it has an interface that is sometimes somewhat saturated with information, actions and elements, which perhaps are not so easy to digest at first.

On the other hand, the demo allows you to take a look at the visual options of the game on PC. Clearly, this edition will be superior to the Nintendo Switch is several graphic aspects and especially in what has to do with the framerate, which now supports up to 120 frames per second.

In the Switch version, the framerate It was limited to 30 and not always stable, a problem that is completely fixed in this version. Likewise, the game does not seem to be too demanding visually and in a mid-range computer it is possible to take it almost to the maximum without major problems.

Some adjustments and filters such as motion blur, shadow quality options, or anti aliasing they make the game look pretty good, aside from not generally looking like current-gen games.

But the important thing is that, although Capcom warns that there could be changes in the final version, this first preview of Monster hunter rise is positive. The saddest note for those who have already played on Nintendo Switch is that there will be no cross-play and games cannot be transferred from one platform to another, but that should not be a problem for all those who start their hunts here from scratch.

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