Saturday, December 4

Montero defends Budgets in Congress as an “antidote to populism”

Time for the defense of the General State Budgets. María Jesús Montero, Minister of Finance, has begun two long days this Wednesday in which the amendments to the totality of the public accounts will be debated in what will be the first procedure of some Budgets that must be approved before the end of the year. Montero has presented this project agreed within the coalition government as an “antidote to the populism of those who defend easy solutions to complex problems.”

The Government presents some Budgets for the recovery with a focus on young people, public services and SMEs

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Montero has insisted that the public accounts that reach Congress, without amendments to all its parliamentary partners, “express the priorities of a government of progress that wants the best for this country.” In the first part of his speech, with strong public content towards his support in Congress and towards the opposition, he asked for a “frank debate in which arguments can be contrasted”, against a policy of “tension and scorched earth that does not it is useless. ”

Montero thanked his partners for their willingness to negotiate public accounts and that it has led neither ERC nor the PNV, the two main parliamentary supporters, to have opted for presenting amendments to the entirety, although the deadline was rushed until the last minute on last Friday. “It cannot be reproached that a government works until exhaustion from dialogue and with respect for the political forces,” Montero argued at the beginning of his defense in Congress. “Interning to obtain the greatest number of support is not an eccentricity,” he assured.

To the opposition, Montero has lamented the concepts such as “blackmail or humiliation” that have been carried out regarding the agreements that the Government has reached to carry out the accounts. “They don’t even care about the arguments and the accounts,” he assured. He has also criticized the messages about the situation of the economy at the international level. “Being prudent is reasonable, but focusing only on negative affects or magnifying them does not help an accurate diagnosis and distorts reality, making it difficult to find effective solutions,” he snapped at the opposition. “That the scenario is volatile does not mean that we do not have a decided course,” he has settled.

Montero has included an announcement before one of the fiscal problems that opens for the Executive and, especially, for the municipalities. After the ruling of the Constitutional Court declaring null the method of calculating the tax on municipal capital gains, published this Wednesday, the minister has announced that it will take to the Council of Ministers “as soon as the sentence is studied”, a legal text “to give peace of mind to the taxpayers and to the financing of the local entities “.