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Montreal based ISP IVC Telecom continues to provide affordable internet rates despite increased wholesale rates

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MONTREAL, April 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IVC Telecom provides an update of the impact of COVID-19 on the telecommunications market, as well as the decision to increase wholesale prices by the CRTC and its consequences on the market.

Throughout this tumultuous period, COVID-19 has completely disrupted the rhythm of daily life for lots of Canadians. To this day, the role of telecommunications providers has been significantly impacted. In a confined world, the number of remote workers has never been greater, staying connected through the internet with each other is more necessary than ever.

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Faced with these recent challenges, IVC Telecom has been strongly involved in order to keep the promise of providing Canadians with quality internet and telephone service at the most affordable price. Among the actions carried out at a technical level, the reinforcement of internet infrastructure through increasing capacity to face the increased demand of skyrocketed internet traffic has proven to be challenging.

When it comes to customer support and face-to-face service, restrictions have been adapted to ensure the health and safety of customers, as well as that of employees and by establishing a diversified support system available via telephone, email and online chat in order to absorb the huge flow of customer requests/support. In addition to the stressful difficulties/issues caused by COVID-19, which had a significant impact on third-party internet service providers, the CRTC has completely reversed its 2019 decision that allowed independent operators to access the networks of large providers at lower prices. This directly impacted prices for internet in general for users in Canada.

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Following this decision, IVC Telecom like all other third-party internet access providers, found its hand forced to increase the price of certain internet services and plans, just to stay in the game.

We’re being charged even more now for wholesale rates and that’s a big loss for all Canadians. We hope the CRTC will challenge this decision. However, Internet prices will only increase for Canadians every year.” underlines Faycal Al, head of customer service at IVC Telecom.

Despite these challenges throughout 2021, IVC Telecom has shown itself able to overcome them gradually while keeping in mind its main mission since their inception. IVC’s mission still is to maintain a high quality service at the most affordable price on the market for Canadians.“This period has been trying for IVC Telecom and all of its employees. On the other hand, we remain vigorous and united to ensure an optimal experience that meets customer expectations, in the hope of establishing decision-making changes that should put us on a level playing field.”

About IVC Telecom

IVC Telecom is an independent internet service provider, founded in 2016 and based in Quebec, Canada with the promise to provide affordable, reliable and the fastest internet and home phone services. IVC came into existence with the simple act of giving back to the community. IVC Telecom’s mission is to provide the best quality services at a reasonable price while treating our customers with the utmost respect.

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