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Moonfall: can the Moon really impact the Earth? | Digital Trends Spanish

moon fall stands out as one of the most important science fiction films of this year. For the same reason, fans of the genre eagerly await the arrival of this film, which should be released on February 3.

The interesting thing about this production is that it proposes a novel idea and there are not a few who have wondered how likely it is that it will really happen.

In moon fall, the Moon has left its orbit so it threatens to impact the Earth. Of course, this would end life on our planet.

To prevent this from happening, two astronauts and a conspiracy theorist team up to try to prevent this disaster.

Can this happen at some point?

A few days before the film hits theaters, the official NASA account dedicated to the Moon made a unique publication alluding to the film and the crazy idea that its plot raises.

The image shows a scene from the movie Moonfall.

“Just about 240,000 miles (386,000 kilometers) away, our nearest neighbor affects our lives here on Earth. Here are some of the reasons we’re thankful the Moon is stable in its orbit (no offense @MoonfallFilm), the NASA profile noted.

The most striking thing about this is that the official account of moon fall responded to the agency’s post by asking: “Are you telling me that this is really not going to happen?”, while sharing a gif of the Moon getting dangerously close to Earth, which could be a scene from the next movie.

At only ~240,000 miles away, our nearest neighbor affects our life here on Earth. Here are a few reasons why we’re grateful the Moon is stable in its orbit (no offense @MoonfallFilm)

— NASA Moon (@NASAMoon) January 25, 2022

Finally, NASA wanted to put an end to the sites with a resounding: no.

This confirms that it is impossible for the idea proposed by the film to be fulfilled, so that human beings will not have to be scared with the possibility that the Moon will leave its orbit and go to Earth to collide with it. One less worry.

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