Wednesday, August 17

MOP invites bids for the project for the El Llano – Puerto Cartí highway, Panama province and Guna Yala region

With a reference price of $ 27,538,878.21 the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) carried out the act of public bidding for the best value of the Study, Design, Construction and Financing project of the El Llano – Puerto Cartí Highway, province of Panama and Comarca Guna Yala.

This public act, held at the central office of the Guna General Congress, located on El Porvenir Island, Guna Yala Region, was broadcast virtually, with the participation of the Minister of the MOP, Rafael Sabonge.

When the reference price of the MOP was known, envelopes were opened with the proposals of four participating companies in the order in which they were received.

The company Meco, S.A. proposed the sum of $ 17,889,009.83, PC Engineering. SA submitted an offer of $ 24,500,000.00, the Consortium Transeq Copsa (Trannseq, SA, Constructora Pacífico, SA) offered $ 21,866,730.26 and the El Llano Consortium (Asfaltos Panameños y Construcciones y Ventas Guna SA) offered an amount of $ 25,360,681.68.

At the end of the act of opening proposals, the proponents were told that the files will be foliarized and will be delivered to the Evaluation Commission which is formally constituted.

This project begins at the intersection of the Pan-American Highway with the entrance to El Llano, and ends at the entrance to Puerto Cartí and contemplates an approximate length of 38.7 kilometers.

Sabonge said that 19 critical points will be worked on this highway and road conditions will be improved so that residents of the Guna Yala region benefit from better connectivity and greater tourism development in this region of the country.

The work entails design and construction of the pavement structure, rain gutters, paved gutters, transverse drains and their concrete heads, design and placement of complete horizontal and vertical road signs for road safety, metal type protection barriers and type barrier Jersey, rural-type bus stop booths, among others.

All the sidewalks to be built will be made of Portland cement concrete which will cover a minimum of 300 m2 of 1.50 m wide sidewalks and must include in its design and construction the necessary facilities that include access ramps for the crossing of people with disabilities.

The work includes the rehabilitation of a vehicular bridge of 90.00 m on the road Llano Cartí – Puerto Cartí on the Guna Yala region with its accesses in the existing alignment.