Friday, September 30

MOP will launch PPP projects for $ 2,500 million and turnkey projects for $ 1,600 million

LThe investment for turnkey projects amounts to $ 1,600 million, of which have been tendered during by 2021 about $ 800 million in projects for the benefit of the country, while projects under the modality of Public – Private Associations (PPP), add an investment of $ 2,500 million, highlighted the Minister of Public Works, Rafael Sabonge.

The projects carried out in the country under the ‘turnkey’ modality will contribute to the reactivation of the economies At the national level, Sabonge affirmed this during his accountability to the local social media, noting that around ten thousand direct, indirect and induced jobs will be generated.

On the projects under the modality of Public – Private Associations (APP), the head of the Public Works portfolio stated that add an investment of $ 2,500 million and they will contribute to creating jobs through the community employability axis, “they will generate improvements in the communities, they will bring road solutions, but they will also make local economies grow, which is what we aspire to so much,” said Sabonge.

Turnkey projects

In this sense, the MOP press release highlights the projects: Design, Construction, Rehabilitation and Financing of Streets and Roads of the district of Changuinola of 102.85 kilometers that will benefit an approximate population of more than 31,200 inhabitants. The project for the Design, Construction and Rehabilitation of Paso Canoa – Río Sereno-Piedra Candela in the province of Chiriquí, approximately 72.70 kilometers long.

Sabonge also mentioned the project of the Panamerican Highway – Boca Chica of 21.20 kilometers which includes the design and construction of a tourist pier, a visitor center, a center for buses, said that they are focused not only on the road solution but also on encouraging the development of the tourism sector.

Likewise, the projects for the rehabilitation and expansion of the Autopista – Puerto Vacamonte highway in the province of Panamá Oeste, the Interconnection of the Cinta Costera III – Calzada de Amador; the Camino San José-Calidonia- Platanares-Pixvae in the province of Veraguas, among other works.

The head of the MOP stated that These projects have been openly tendered on the Panama Purchasing portal, He added that the management carried out by this administration has been unprecedented in terms of the number of works tendered in such a short time.

On the other hand, Minister Sabonge highlighted the projects that are currently being carried out such as the design and construction of roads in Chiriquí Grande, El Bajo-Ballena stream that is 54 percent complete. He added that 22.28 kilometers of the Las Tablas – Las Delicias Arriba highway, in the province of Bocas del Toro, are being rehabilitated with 20 percent physical progress.

Stressed the flagship project of this administration for the province of Bocas del Toro, such as the rehabilitation of the internal streets of Isla Colón, which includes sidewalks, bicycle lanes, the renovation of the Simón Bolívar park and the Sixth Street park, as well as storm drainage works that will contribute to the tourist development of Isla Colón.

He also pointed out that In the province of Chiriquí, 74% progress is being made with the work on the highway that goes from La Concepción, Cuesta de Piedra to Volcán that will include parallel parking lots with tree-lined sidewalks and a bicycle lane.

Revealed that The street rehabilitation project in the David district is nearing completion.It covers about 80 kilometers and is currently 94 percent complete.

For Panama City, Minister Sabonge referred to the projects that have been tendered such as La Cabima Interchange and inner streets of Ciudad Bolívar, as well as the Expansion of the Trans-isthmic Highway from Villa Grecia to Chilibre that will be tendered on December 29 next and the Widening of the Vía España with exclusive lanes for the Metro Bus that will be tendered on January 27, 2022.

In this sense, the head of the MOP offered in advance his apologies to the population and drivers, stating that as of next year the entire country will be under construction and probably the effects will be due to traffic.