Monday, December 4

More expensive cars in 2022: this is how the new sections of the registration tax will affect the market

New year, new sections for the registration tax. As of January 1, 2022, the new Community regulations for measuring consumption and emissions will be applied, based on the WLTP cycle, more precise compared to the previous NEDC cycle with the real emissions of the vehicles.

In other words, the tax is not raised per se, but the sections of the same are adjusted. Be that as it may, this modification in the tax will affect a large part of the vehicles sold in Spain, which will become significantly more expensive.

This is how the new sections of road tax affect us

Electric and plug-in hybrids will get rid of the climb.

As of this new year 2022, the road tax will be based on the WLTP cycle to calculate emissions per kilometer. Specific, these will be the new sections:

  • Until 120 grams of CO2 / km: exempt
  • Between 121 and 159 grams of CO2 / km: 4,75%
  • Between 160 and 199 grams of CO2 / km: 9,75%
  • More of 200 grams of CO2 / km: 14,75%

The new sections are more demanding, and is that until December 31, 2021 a vehicle that emits less than 144 grams of CO2 per kilometer did not pay tax. Similarly, with the measurement based on the WLTP cycle it will be easier for a car to pass the stages, since it is a type of measurement that is more demanding with emissions.

A 20,000-euro combustion car registered in 2022 will pay almost 1,000 euros of registration tax

Taking into account that in Spain the best-selling vehicles are SUVs with a price higher than 20,000 euros, we talk about a registration tax close to 1,000 euros in the case of the lower section. They are exempt from paying tax both electric cars and plug-in hybrids. Despite the fact that models like the Tesla Model 3 are the best sellers in Europe, in Spain we are still at the bottom of the electric car.

The CO2 emissions to be recorded will be those reflected in the vehicle’s technical sheet, therefore the buyer will be able to consult this information on the manufacturer’s own website before going to the dealer. In the same way, the amount of the tax may vary if we are a large family, we use the vehicle for certain uses (driving school, taxi, rental) or if we have some type of disability.