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More games to earn money! Free Fire, Dota2 and CS: GO give away DAI cryptocurrency for playing

Key facts:
  • Community Gamming will launch 9 tournaments in November and December for Free Fire, Dota2, and CS: GO.

  • They are open to players from all over Latin America and participants can earn DAI.

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The Community Gamming gaming platform partnered with MakerDAO to promote the use of DAI cryptocurrency in Latin America through sports –Electronic sports–. To do this, it launched a series of nine tournaments for the games Free Fire, Dota2 and CS: GO, which is titled “Crypto Maker.” All those who participate will be able to earn money.

At ad issued on November 11, the company reported that the Crypto Maker tournaments of the three play-to-earn esports they will take place from November to December in Latin America. This includes residents of Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and other parts of the region, where it will allow you to earn money through cryptocurrencies.

Free Fire, Dota2 and CS: GO players will be able to earn money with DAI

Players participating in the Crypto Maker series will receive payments with the DAI stablecoin. This asset is a stablecoin, which means that your goal is to keep its value as close to the US dollar (USD) as possible. That is, it does not have the volatility peaks that cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC) or ether (ETH) usually have.

After receiving payments, Players can exchange DAI funds for dollars or another currency. It is possible to transfer it to a wallet – electronic wallet – or some exchange – cryptocurrency exchange platform -, such as Coinbase or Binance, for example. In the latter, money can be changed to any local currency, such as pesos or bolivars, through its system peer-to-peer (P2P), to withdraw it in cash or a bank account.

Community Gamming takes care of paying Latin American players immediately after completing your tournaments. Following the association with MakerDAO, a decentralized open source organization based on the Ethereum blockchain created in 2015, the company of sports decided to give cryptocurrency payment a try.

Money can be earned playing Free Fire, Dota2 and CS: GO from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela
and other parts of Latin America. Source: RODNAE Productions /

Registration for Free Fire, Dota2 and CS: GO tournaments on CryptoMaker is free. Bryan Mier, Community Gamming’s Latin America regional manager, said his goal is to “educate and introduce Latin American talent” to cryptocurrencies. This trend of play-to-earn –Playing to earn money– is growing in the world gamer. Although, as CriptoNoticias reported, not all gaming platforms allow it, as is the case with Steam.

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