Thursday, July 7

More Madrid denounces irregularities in four Almeida contracts with Calle 30 for the cleaning of Filomena

Four of the post-Filomena emergency contracts awarded by the City Council have been reported by Más Madrid to the Municipal Office against Fraud and Corruption. They are the ones who dedicated themselves to rescuing vehicles and cleaning snow after Filomena passed, which the opposition party considers may be irregular.

Almeida hired to clean the snow of Filomena in secondary streets of wealthy neighborhoods before in municipal markets

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“These contracts to act against the damage caused by the storm are not justified. In the contract that the Madrid City Council has with Emesa there is already a procedure foreseen for cases such as that of Filomena”, explained Esther Gómez after presenting the letter in which they formulate the complaint, presented to the director of the office, Carlos Granados.

Más Madrid assures that the Madrid City Council paid Emesa twice for the same works, the public-private company that is in charge of the management of Calle 30. The amount of the reported contracts amounts to 421,564 euros, three of them of 121,000 euros taxes included), the maximum that the CEO of Madrid Calle 30 can award directly without requiring the agreement of the Board of Directors.

The awards served to rescue vehicles trapped in the snow, remove trees and open access to municipal deposits and remove plant debris to prevent damage in the face of the threat of flooding. All these actions are included -according to Más Madrid- in the contract in force since 2005 for the performance of conservation and exploitation services of the M-30, whose purpose is “to maintain the conditions of the service even when the conditions of the road could be changing ”.

The fourth contract, for 58,564 euros including taxes, was dedicated to installing the enclosure around the M-30 damaged by the storm Filomena. It was awarded eight months after the storm, which is why Más Madrid questions its consideration as emergency contractsince there was time to register it as an ordinary contract.

The letter, of complaint, presented by the councilors José Luis Nieto, Esther Gómez and Miguel Montejo, gives continuity to the denunciations of Más Madrid in the ordinary commissions of Environment and Mobility and Surveillance of Contracting. For the opposition party, it is a “botched job” in Almeida’s management. “We want the Municipal Office against Fraud and Corruption to carefully analyze these contracts. Public money cannot be managed worse. Paying the same company twice to do tasks that it is supposed to already have to do because we pay for it every year, is making fun of all Madrid residents, ”he says in a statement.

This week, Somos Madrid published the data of other controversial actions in the cleaning of the streets of the city after the storm. According to the work reports of the companies hired by the City Council, they went to clean some high-income neighborhoods and streets before going to municipal markets.

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