Thursday, March 30

More Madrid received anonymous SMS alerting Ayuso’s friend of the contract and the commission to his brother

The spokesperson for Más Madrid in the Regional Assembly, Mónica García, received up to eleven text messages on her mobile phone on November 7 alerting to the 1.5 million euro contract for masks that the regional government awarded to a company managed by a friend of the president of the Community of Madrid, as revealed by, and also by the commission that his brother, Tomás Díaz Ayuso, would have received for this operation. This is stated in the complaint that this Friday the group will present to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, to which this newsroom has had access, so that the Public Ministry ex officio investigates the award and the commission to the brother that Ayuso herself has recognized this Thursday that produced.

The shadows of her brother’s contract and commission that threaten Isabel Díaz Ayuso

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The complete message through 11 SMS is extensive. And it begins like this: “Dear Mónica, dear Iñigo [Errejón]. I send you a serious case of corruption of the brother of Díaz Ayuso”. The anonymous person who sends these messages assures that he resorts to them because he does not know “how to report it to Anticorruption” and cannot “expose himself personally”. And he continues: “In the worst moment of the pandemic, April 2020, the Community of Madrid. It awarded a 1.5 million contract for Epis and Ifema masks. He did it to the Priviet sportive company of Daniel Alcázar, a friend of the Ayusos. A footwear and clothing company that changed its CNAE days before. And when he entered the CM payments, he made a transfer worth €300,000 to Tomás Díaz Ayuso.”

This person assures that the concept of that transfer received the name of “intermediation Community of Madrid”. He also maintains that if “intermediation would already be criminal”, “paying 25% of the amount of a contract means that Alcázar is a figurehead for Tomás Ayuso.” “It is a crime, if not there are many and they are trying to cover it up with false invoices, but the transfer admits no doubts. It is in your hands that it does not go unpunished,” he concludes.

Más Madrid will inform the Prosecutor this Friday of this message that is part of the complaint that the Madrid formation will present after the national PP considers said contract “irregular”. According to the party of Mónica García, signatory to the complaint, the messages were “studied” by the legal officer of Más Madrid in November “without sufficient elements being observed to confirm the truth of the information received”, “at least not in degree sufficient to bring them to the attention of the Public Prosecutor”.

Mainly because of “the anonymous origin of the complaint and the lax information that emerged from it.” That has changed this Thursday after the war unleashed in the PP since both Genoa and Ayuso have confirmed that this anonymous could be right.

More Madrid also refers to the information published this Thursday by ABC newspaper in his complaint in which it is stated that Tomás Díaz Ayuso received a commission of 280,000 euros for a health contract and that, always based on the aforementioned news, members of the national leadership of the Popular Party maintain that they have “the truth”.

“The set of elements existing from November 7, 2021 at the time the complaint is filed suggests that there are sufficient indications and elements of veracity in relation to those messages received,” says Más Madrid now in his letter, which He specifies that he tried from the first moment to “review the veracity of the information with the means at his disposal as a parliamentary group in the Madrid Assembly through different requests for information and appearances in the Madrid Assembly”. But without success.

“We understand that the coherence between what was provided by the SMS and the news published in the ABC newspaper is sufficient evidence of the existence of the behaviors denounced here,” they point out now and that is why they go to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Más Madrid cites different crimes that, in its opinion, could have been committed, such as: bribery, “both in its variant of proper bribery and in that of improper bribery”; influence peddling; embezzlement, “both in its aspect of undue appropriation of public assets and in that of unfair administration of public assets”; and also various possible crimes of prevarication by public servants.