Thursday, September 23

More right-wing televisions are coming

In his book The guardians of freedom, Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman review the constraints that left-wing news content faces compared to right-wing ones in order to access the media, that is, to be disseminated. One of them is the financial capital necessary to launch a communication medium, which is a bias in favor of the right because, as it is logical to deduce, it is the neoliberal and conservative sectors that have more economic resources and better contacts among the business and financial elite to attract investors or economic loans. In Spain, you only have to take a look at the audiovisual landscape to see that only two companies control 81% of the television advertising market and that their majority owners are Berlusconi (Mediaset) and the Lara family (Planeta). Well, these two groups are the ones that are farthest to the left considering what is coming this fall.

The former president of Coca Cola and former deputy of Ciudadanos, Marcos de Quinto, announces that he is launching a new television and that he already has 150 million euros of investment. According to the newspaper The IndependentThe money comes from the family that controls the meat company El Pozo, the owners of the Cartagena tuna company Ricardo Fuentes e Hijos and foreign capital from the Venezuelan, Cuban and Mexican right. De Quinto left Ciudadanos considering that Inés Arrimadas was adopting ideologically moderate positions and in dialogue with the government.

But it is not the only television that comes to us, another one from businessman and communicator Marcial Cuquerella is also expected this fall, which will be called La Alternativa. In case there are doubts about his ideology, Cuquerella comes from Cope Navarra and Intereconomía. A few years ago his statements were widely commented stating that young people they should work for free “a couple of months” and if they were good enough, they would end up getting paid. Among its journalists would be Luis Losada, who comes from Intereconomía and is related to the ultra-Catholic secret organization El Yunque and Fernando Paz, Vox candidate for Albacete. It seems that economic muscle will not be lacking because, according to the businessman, they will have emissions in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico or the United States.

But do not be scared because the audiovisual ultra-right is coming, because it was already here with two other channels, El Toro TV and Trece TV.

Someone will think that so many televisions do not have a future for the same ideological niche and without an advertising market for all. The progressive claim that information had become a commodity to be bought and sold has long since become too benevolent in today’s landscape. There is a certain informative production that is not sold, it is given away. Neoliberal ideology and content do not need to be profitable for businessmen, they already earn money in other ways, what they need is a propaganda department to spread their speeches, support their politicians and attack any initiative that faces their market model. That same model that only leaves room in Spain for two types of television, those on the right and those on the far right. What has been his concept of plurality.

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