Tuesday, August 16

More Russia than Belarus



The crisis deliberately manufactured by the Kremlin on the eastern border of Poland must be understood as part of that global trend that mixes the resurgence of the worst nationalism, a worrying democratic backsliding and a threatening rise of authoritarianism. As a result, the so-called rule-based liberal international order is increasingly being challenged by regimes willing to do all sorts of horrors and abuses in order to perpetuate themselves in power. As much as this aggressive disrespect for human dignity is camouflaged as hybrid warfare and historical revisionism.

Since the fraud in the August 2020 elections, and the brutal crackdown on its opponents, Alexander Lukashenko’s Belarusian regime has done nothing but walk away.

of the European context to integrate more and more into the dark orbit of Russia. He has not stopped a single day of repressing, persecuting and torturing to stay in power. Even reaching state terrorism in the form of aerial piracy to apprehend the young journalist Roman Protasevich, essentially guilty of doing his job.

So nostalgic for the communist era that he continues to call his KGB KGB, Lukashenko strives to recreate Soviet socialism in all its miserable glory. To the point of turning the economy of a country of 9.5 million inhabitants into an impoverished theme park of centralization, planning and nationalization. Of course, the bill is borne by the Kremlin in exchange for the vassalage of a Belarus with an increasingly questioned sovereignty.

As Putin’s thuggish subsidiary, Lukashenko uses refugees and immigrants caught up in multiple failed states to continue to exploit Europe’s old and new fractures. Now it is time to stage in Poland, itself immersed in a serious deterioration of its democratic institutions and the rule of law, a struggle between Christianity and nationalist purity in the face of globalist barbarism. While the alternative right turns #VivaPolonia into a ‘tremending topic’ and all that divisive and toxic narrative that benefits Moscow so much spreads.

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