Thursday, July 29

More than 100 disappeared, several dead and communications blockade in Cuba, according to NGOs



At eight in the morning this Tuesday Prisoners Defenders “He had documented 112 detentions or forced disappearances”, a balance of the repression of the Cuban regime after the outbreak of dozens of protests throughout the country this Sunday. This has been confirmed to ABC by the president of the NGO, Javier Larrondo. Some protests that continued on Monday, despite the measures adopted by the Cuban Government that has brought all its police, military and paramilitary troops to the streets, in addition to, according to what some citizens have denounced through social networks, to recruit from young people are forced to confront the civilian population in the streets. Complaint to which the San Isidro Movement who assured on Facebook that “they are threatening the young people of the Compulsory Military Service with taking away their university studies if they do not go out and repress as soon as they are needed.”

According to the testimony of a religious who lives in Havana, collected by Mario J. Pentón, a journalist for the medium ‘America Te Ve’, the protest low intensity in this city on Monday “because it is militarized, it is under siege,” he explained through a call he was able to make despite the internet cuts on the island. since last Sunday. «I cannot share videos with you because there is no internet. I am making this call because I am sharing the internet through a VPN (a virtual private network). The government has removed the internet so that the truth is not known, “says the priest who recounts how during the night from Sunday to Monday the situation was” terrible. There were kidnappings. The police released the dogs on the people. What I am telling I have seen ». The priest also reports that news has reached him that the repression of the protests in Camagüey would have left “more than 2,000 injured.” And he asks for help from people abroad who have internet to communicate what is happening in Cuba.

Other organizations, such as the dissident Cuba Decide, point out that the balance, unofficial because there are never official figures of this on the island, would be several deaths so far. «5 dead … more than 20 people arrived at the provincial hospital with severe trauma … an old man who knocked out his brains. This is genocide. Spread it out, they’re going to kill Miles. Message that comes to me from Santiago d Cuba », he wrote this Tuesday from his Twitter account Rosa Maria Paya.

Among the disappeared there are several artists, such as Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, founder of the San Isidro Movement, which was the origin of the protests on November 27; various activists, such as Jose Daniel Ferrer and his son, of whom nothing has been known since Sunday, according to his sister, Ana Belkis, on social networks from the US where he lives. Nor is the whereabouts of another leader of the dissidence known, Guillermo Fariñas.

“We are aware that there are wounded, detained and people whose whereabouts are currently unknown. And Díaz-Canel, the current head of the Cuban dictatorship, has decided to confront the peaceful demonstrations with violence and repression, “he told BBC Mundo. José Miguel Vivanco, executive director of Human Rights Watch Americas.

The repression has also targeted journalists, in an attempt to cause a total news blackout. Thus they would have been arrested, among others, Iris Mariño, from Camagüey, and Orelvis Cabrera, from Matanzas. Also the ABC correspondent in Havana, Camila Acosta, who, according to what this newspaper learned from close sources, is going to be prosecuted for crimes against the security of the State. Acosta was detained hours after covering the protests in the Cuban capital.

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