Wednesday, January 26

More than 2 million people collaborated in the solidarity days held by Arcos Dorados

On the occasion of International Day of Human Solidarity, celebrated this December 20 in representation of the union of forces for the benefit of those who need it most, Golden arches, the franchise that operates the brand McDonald’s in 20 markets in Latin America and the Caribbean, the spirit of solidarity of the more than 2 million people who joined its annual solidarity days stands out Big Day, Happy McDia and Thank You from the Heart, carried out between the months of September and December.

Thanks to your participation, it was possible to raise around $ 6 million, which will positively impact the lives of thousands of children, families and young people throughout the region.

For more than 20 years, the company has been promoting this solidarity movement with the aim of closing the gap between people throughout Latin America and generating a bond of solidarity to generate an impact on their future.

As a result, during these days, customers acquire the Big Mac through the physical and digital channels available, and the proceeds are destined to different organizations in the countries of the region that promote programs that promote youth employment and the well-being of women. families

“Despite the difficulties we are still going through as a result of the pandemic, this 2021, as for years, we celebrate the spirit of solidarity that moves the more than 2 million people who have contributed to the future of thousands of Latin American families and young people through our solidarity days, Gran Día, McDía Feliz and Gracias de Corazón, which are part of our Recipe of the Future initiative. Year after year, we are excited to see how more and more people are interested in contributing their grain of sand so that, together, we can continue to improve the quality of life of society with the purchase of a Big Mac, which helps social organizations with that we collaborate throughout this day in the region, expressed Gabriel Serber, Director of Social Commitment and Sustainable Development of Arcos Dorados.

In this edition, Arcos Dorados collaborated with more than 30 social organizations. These include the Ronald McDonald House, SOS Children’s Villages (Peru, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia), the Ayrton Senna Institute (Brazil), the Sí Foundation (Argentina), the Coanil Foundation (Chile), the El Triángulo (Ecuador), Liceo Impulso (Uruguay), Centro Man Na Obra (Aruba), Fonditut (Curacao), among others.

In the case of Panama, this activity achieved the collection of $113,278.40 which were donated for the benefit of families from hard-to-reach areas and their children who receive medical treatment at the Children’s Hospital and for the training and job placement of young people.

Once again, and after having exceeded their expectations, Arcos Dorados celebrates the union of millions of people with a single common goal: Human solidarity.