Friday, September 30

More than 300 troops work on the Añón de Moncayo forest fire (Zaragoza), which is still very active

More than 300 troops work in the forest fire that broke out on Saturday in Añón de Moncayo (Zaragoza), which is still very active. After the eviction of Talamantes there are already eight municipalities that have had to be evacuated. At this time, the Moncayo Natural Park is of particular concern. The President of Aragon, Javier Lambán, has chaired the Integrated Operational Coordination Center (CECOPI) held this Sunday and has stressed that the priority of the Government of Aragon is the safety of people: “That people are safe and totally safe ”.

“We are still in a really critical situation with the fire around Moncayo. During the night the behavior of the fire has been very virulent, of a virulence that we are not used to. It has really been a very complex night”, explained the General Director of Natural Environment and Forest Management, Diego Bayona. The fire, the cause of which is being investigated, has affected holm oak forest, pine forests, thickets and crops affecting the Forest-Urban Interface and already has a perimeter of more than 50 km, with thousands of hectares affected.

“Special work has been done, with all the resources, to defend the populations of both Ambel and Añón de Moncayo, which have had very complicated situations during the night and also in the Misericordia Sanctuary, in Borja”, Bayona pointed out. The general director of Natural Environment and Forest Management has indicated that “we have winds with gusts of up to 50-60 km/h forecast for today, with a very changeable situation. We do not have a clear wind component, in different areas of the fire there may be changes, which makes the situation for the day very complicated.”

Bayona has announced that “reinforcement has been requested from other autonomous communities and we hope that new air and land resources will be incorporated during the day. Castilla La Mancha, Castilla y León, La Rioja and Navarra have been asked to join the entire operation with the support of city councils and county councils plus the media that were already acting from Navarra and Castilla y León”.

“Currently there are several areas of concern: the area of ​​the Natural Park has been reactivated overnight, that part that yesterday was the origin of the fire, in Añón de Moncayo, and it is one of the areas of greatest concern because it is where there is more fuel availability. and for the natural value that the park itself has”, pointed out Bayona.

As for the evicted municipalities, on Saturday afternoon the municipalities of Añón de Moncayo, Alcalá de Moncayo, Vera de Moncayo and El Buste were evacuated, in addition to the Misericordia Sanctuary, the Vera del Moncayo campsite and the Cumbres del Moncayo. The Veruela Monastery also had to be evacuated and was closed to the public. Around 9:30 p.m. it was also decided to evacuate the municipalities of Ambel and Bulbuente. And at 00:30 hours the eviction of Trasmoz was ordered.

At 10:40 am this Sunday, the eviction of Talamantes has been ordered. In addition, since tonight the municipalities of Litúenigo, Litago, Añón de Moncayo, Talamantes, Vera de Moncayo, Trasmoz, San Martín de Moncayo, part of Borja and El Buste remain without electricity due to electrical failure.