Thursday, September 21

More than $ 450 thousand in fines for breaking the law on credit history, according to Acodeco

During this year, the Authority for Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition (Acodeco) registers 264 fines for $ 457,300.06 for non-compliance with Law 24 of 2002 (credit history).

These fines rank second, by amount, of the total of sanctions imposed in 2021 by this institution.

The economic agents with the most fines in the first instance, for breach of credit history, are banks with 87 penalties for $ 143,200.03; financial (38 for $ 104,600.03); collection agency (37 for $ 57,000); other activities (21 for $ 33 thousand); telephony (20 penalties for $ 27 thousand); cooperatives (10 for $ 15,000); furniture store (5 for $ 9,000.00); funeral homes (5 fines for $ 8 thousand); brokerage services (6 for $ 7 thousand), among other economic agents.

For not rectifying the credit history of the clients, they were fined 83 ($ 114 thousand).

This situation occurs when consumers are not satisfied, with the data that reflects the behavior of their payments.

Other causes are 43 penalties for $ 96,000.04, for failing to eliminate by prescription (the data reported must be eliminated); 50 fines ($ 79 thousand) because clients have never had a relationship with the economic agent and 28 for not eliminating account observation against reserve, that is, the consumer maintains an obligation in the penalized portfolio and is making the corresponding payments.

They are, among others, the reasons for the fines imposed by Acodeco.

Acodeco is the entity in charge of dealing with consumer or customer complaints about credit history and applying the respective sanctions to economic agents who fail to comply with the provisions of said legislation.

It is important to note that despite the situation presented by the pandemic regarding loans and other financial commitments, clients have established rights regarding their credit history.

Credit History (Law 24 of 2002) – Fines for activity