Tuesday, December 7

More than 60 producers will participate in the Agrocom Business Roundtables

More than 60 producers belonging to different companies and organizations have registered to participate in the business roundtables that the Agricultural Marketing Institute (IMA) from November 16 to 19, within the framework of the first Virtual Agrocommercial Forum (Agrocom).

Tatiana Ramírez, Marketing Director of the IMA, said that this meeting represents a space for direct interaction between groups of national producers and representatives of buyers, merchants and industrialists, also local, as well as an ideal platform for negotiations without intermediaries between supply and demand.

Agrocom is a virtual forum that seeks to promote and expand marketing channels of national production, in alliance with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Mesoamerica and the Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration (Sieca).

To participate in the virtual workshops those interested They must access the address of the IMA institutional website www.ima.gob.pa, where they will see an image of Agrocom’s art that will take them directly to the link where the details about the business roundtables appear and formalize their registration on the platform of the Secretariat for Economic Integration of Central America (Sieca)”, Explained the official.


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