Tuesday, November 30

More than 80% of the people who died in 2021 from Covid-19 were not vaccinated, says the Minsa

Yesterday, November 10, 2021 was another day without registering deceased by Covid-19 in Panama, while the Ministry of Health (Minsa) released the statistics on the development of the disease during this year.

Statistics related to Covid-19 in Panama indicate that more than 80% of the deaths occurred in the country from January 28 to November 5 this year have been in unvaccinated people.

Indicate also that 60% of people who have not been vaccinated they are hospitalized in wards and the same percentage is in intensive care units.

Faced with such a reality, the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, called on the population not to lower their guard against the virus and go to the vaccination centers for the dose against Covid-19.

The minister stressed that the Continuous Vaccination Strategy which is executed through Operation PanavaC-19 continues to summon the thousands of Panamanians who have yet to be vaccinated to go to the vaccination posts and achieve the recovery of the country.

Announced that Starting tomorrow, November 11, the application of booster doses to the 55-year-old population begins onwards in the 8-1 circuit in Arraiján. In this circuit there will be 21 vaccination posts.

The day also includes the 8-10 circuit in Panama East. In this circuit for the townships of December 24 and Tocumen, the vaccination post will work in the Mega Mall.

There will be a total of 17 vaccination posts in seven townships of the circuit. In addition, there will be a vaccination sweep from the age of 12 with the first dose in the 12-2 circuit of the Ngabe-Buglé Comarca. In this circuit, 49,322 people are called to be vaccinated with the first dose in 65 vaccination centers located in 21 townships.

While swab centers at the Rod Carew national stadium and at the Emilio Royo stadium, in the capital, as well as those that operate in the rest of the country The remaining holidays of the year will remain open: November 28, December 8, December 25 and January 1, 2022. The population with some of the symptoms related to Covid-19 is called to go to these points that are open from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Epidemiological Report:

The report of the DDepartment of Epidemiology of the Minsa reveals that for November 10, worldwide there are 251,098,380 confirmed cases of Covid-19, and 5,068,704 deaths for a 2% fatality rate.

In Panama, 473,903 accumulated cases are reported, of which 185 are new; No deaths occurred in the last 24 hours for a cumulative of 7,338 deaths from Covid-19. Lethality remains at 1.5%.

170 new recovered for a cumulative total of 464,923 people who have recovered from this disease.

LThe tests that were applied were 6,748, which yields a positivity of cases of 2.7%. There are 1,642 active cases in the country, of which 1,498 are in home isolation and 144 hospitalized.

Those who are in home isolation are divided into 1,421 in houses and 77 in hotels. There are 117 hospitalized in wards and 27 in ICU.


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