Monday, January 17

More than $ 800,000 in transactions generated I Industrial Business Roundtable

As a result of the first Industrial Business Roundtable, organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (Mici), through the National Industrial Competitiveness Program (Pnci), Sales were closed for $ 860,000 and it is projected that annual derivative transactions of $ 1.1 million will be carried out.

The commercial exchange achieved during the conference, which took place from November 16 to 19, exceeded expectations, said Kiara Sang, coordinator of the Pnci at Mici, who reported that 153 business appointments were held, among the 47 bidders and 30 participating buyers, highlighted a statement from Mici.

“We thank the companies Cardy Food Supply, El Machetazo, Súper 99, Riba Smith, Top Fruit and the other participating buyers, for believing in the potential of our agro-industrial companies and buying their products within the framework of the event, which was part of the first Industrial Congress 2021, ”said Sang.

Among the bidding companies were micro, small and medium-sized agroindustrial companies (MSMEs), dedicated to the sale of sea products, coffee, cocoa, mushrooms, fruits and legumes, among others; who in turn participated in the first version of the Pnci’s Agroindustria Competitiva project and the Mici Women Emprendexport program.