Saturday, December 10

More than 96% of Madrid taxi drivers who voted in the referendum are in favor of maintaining the current payroll regime

96.26% of taxi drivers who voted this Thursday and Friday in the referendum on the “liberalization” of the sector organized by the Madrid Professional Taxi Federation (FPTM) have expressed their willingness to maintain the current payroll regime.

As reported by the FPTM, the counting of votes ended today at 1:30 am. Of the 7,413 votes cast by license holders, 7,407 were valid and 6 were declared invalid.

In addition, 97.65% rejected “the downward deregulation of taxi fares” and 91.71% are against 24-hour service. To the question ‘Are you in favor of increasing from 3 to 50 licenses per holder?’ 97.97% voted against.

It will be this coming Monday when they present to the regional government the data of the referendum against what the president of the FPTM, Julio Sanz, has called “punishment” and “contempt.”


The regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, assured in the Debate on the State of the Region (DER) that the Community of Madrid is finalizing the regulation to regulate the activity of taxis and VTCs, with which taxi drivers will be allowed to circulate 24 hours every day. the days of the week and users will be able to reserve a single seat in a shared car.

He advanced that the regulatory, VTC and taxi developments are being finalized, with “important improvements for both license holders and users”. It is expected that with them they can see multiplied billing and improved service.

With the new regulation in which taxis are working, they will be able to circulate as they wish 24 hours a day, every day of the week, services will be authorized by shared car, thus reducing the price for each of them. With the time freedom, taxi drivers will be able to enter “up to 60% more per month per license and create some 3,000 new jobs.”

With regard to the VTC, the new regulation will guarantee competition, offering “the highest quality” to users. It will provide that all these drivers must pass a mandatory test that will include knowledge of the Spanish language, the city of Madrid and key points of the Community, as well as the use of navigation devices.

In addition, they may not have a record for crimes of a sexual nature and the driving license must be at least one year old. In the event that the company cancels a previously contracted trip, it will be obliged to compensate the client with the same penalty as if it were the user who breached it.