Monday, September 27

More than ten arrested in Donostia for confronting the Ertzaintza and throwing objects at them

More than ten people have been arrested this Sunday in Donostia for participating in some altercations that occurred in the Old Town, in which objects have been thrown against the Ertzaintza, and containers have been crossed and burned, as reported by the Basque Department of Security to Europa Press.

The altercations began around two in the morning, when the rioters began to throw objects at the police device that was trying to prevent crowds as part of the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In the course of the incidents, carried out between the Old Town and the Donostiarra Boulevard, more than ten arrests have been recorded.

In addition, in the old part of Hernani there has been another arrest around three o’clock this past morning, in this case of a young man for throwing objects at the police teams that were watching to avoid crowds.