Monday, December 4

Moreno asks for “trust” in the Andalusian Government in his Christmas message: “The recovery is slow, but it is constant”

If last year the old Military Hospital of Seville was the scene from which Juan Manuel Moreno launched the traditional Christmas message, as a gesture towards the health workers after the first year of the Covid-19, this time he has chosen the bar of the hotel establishment such as the centennial Taberna Granados, in Granada, to deliver its end-of-year speech in support of a sector that, it affirms, “has suffered the consequences of the pandemic more harshly.” With numerous allusions to the economic consequences of the disease, the president of the Junta de Andalucía has asked for “trust” in his Government and has wanted to express “hope” and “optimism” to gradually emerge from the crisis in the next year, which he anticipates regional elections.

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“The recovery is slow, but it is constant,” said Moreno, who had first words for the more than 6,300 Andalusians who have died in 2021 due to the coronavirus, which “has continued to cause suffering and pain also in this year that ends”. Given the high numbers of infections, which are breaking records in the autonomous community this Thursday, the Andalusian leader considers that “we must continue to be prudent because the Omicron variant has appeared, which is very very contagious. We must not trust. We must maintain protection and security measures such as a mask, social distance and frequent hand washing. Let’s not get carried away by false euphoria because the consequences can be very serious. ”

Moreno has boasted of the high rate of vaccination against the disease, which has made Andalusia “among the territories in the world with the highest vaccination coverage.” Despite the existing stock of doses in Andalusia, the president recalled that “a few days ago” he asked the Government of Spain that “together we make an extra effort to accelerate the rate of vaccination.” In one year of vaccination, Andalusia has received “15 and a half million vaccinations. 93% of Andalusians over 12 years of age have received at least two vaccines, and more than 200,000 children between 5 and 12 years old already have at least two vaccines. minus one dose, “Moreno has detailed. That is why he has sent “a message of confidence and hope” because “if those who have not yet done so are vaccinated, we can continue with an almost normal life that allows us to maintain economic activity.”

This will do, according to the president, “that schools, institutes and universities remain open, that shops and factories open their shutters every day, and theaters, cinemas and museums their doors, and that we continue to be the destination desired by millions of tourists and a premier center for the aeronautical industry. ” He has also appealed to “common sense” as “a fundamental weapon against the pandemic.” “If we continue to be responsible, Andalusia will recover much sooner and much better.”

The “tireless dedication” of the toilets

Also in the health aspect has said that “never before has our health system been subjected to such great stress”, although Andalusian hospitals “are resisting the sixth wave well.” “A year ago, out of every 100 infected people, 10 had to be admitted. Now, out of every 100 infections, only two people enter the hospital,” he said. Moreno has boasted that in three years “six new hospitals and five new health centers have been opened in Andalusia”, although “it is never enough”, and has thanked health professionals for their work. “His tireless dedication, his personal sacrifice, is allowing us to face this time with so much hope.”

“The Andalusian health system is better today than it was in the past and you have my commitment that I will do everything in my power so that in the future our health is even better”, making mention of “the 12,000 backup toilets” despite that the unions and the opposition have been reminding him of the dismissal of 8,000 professionals. In fact, in recent hours it has emerged that two calls have been opened with which the Board wants to incorporate retired doctors and that nurses who work in hospitals can make it compatible with care in health centers.


Moreno also wanted to “recognize the work of our farmers and fishermen, members of the security forces and corps, transporters, teachers and professors, ranchers, computer scientists, informants and many other professionals from many sectors who have given the best of them, “noting that the Board has” renewed the contracts of more than 7,000 Education professionals, teachers, professors, counselors, pedagogues, among others, who, in principle, had an exceptional nature to meet the needs in the more complicated moments, but that they will continue in their positions “.

“I know that it is not always possible to solve all the demands, but rest assured that the Government that I preside over does everything possible to improve public services every day with the resources we have,” the president emphasized, and immediately claim to the central Government: “Everything would be easier if the Government of Spain renewed the Covid Fund for 2022. I am confident that this will be the case. Just as I am confident that 2022 will bring us good news about regional financing. Andalusia should receive the same money from the State than the rest of the Spanish. It is fair. ”

Moreno has reviewed the political milestones of his Government that focus on “lowering taxes and eliminating paperwork” to attract investment. And at the political level, Moreno has made “an appeal to all economic and social sectors, and also to the political parties of Parliament, on the need for dialogue and consensus,” stating the following considerations: “I know times are rare . You get up one at seven in the morning, put the news or watch social networks and there is already someone angry. It seems as if no one can put up with anyone, or other different ideas. Hatred, anger, intolerance … When have we been like this? When has Andalusia been like this? We are neither, nor do we want to be. And I, of course, am going to do everything possible so that we are not. ”

Wink to Citizens

He has not forgotten that during the coming year in Andalusia there will be regional elections: “As you know, 2022 will be an electoral year in Andalusia. We still do not know the date, but my wish is for it to be as late as possible, because every day is important in the recovery. economic and social. The time that remains until the elections we will not be idle. We have work ahead and very important issues to attend to. ”

Regarding the economic moment, Moreno foresees that “Andalusia will grow this year more than the average of Spain. That is fundamental, because Andalusia has always lagged behind and it is very important to grow more than the average to turn around this historical situation. to the most prosperous regions and to be, in the future, the locomotive of Spain. I am convinced that a large part of this success is due to the political stability that Andalusia has enjoyed in the last three years, and I want to thank the loyalty and the responsibility of our government partner “, he pointed out as a nod to Ciudadanos.

The president also wanted to make some special mentions, regretting that this year eight women victims of sexist violence have died in Andalusia. “His memory is very present in all of us these days and, together with the tribute, the firm commitment to continue fighting against this scourge and against all types of physical and psychological violence that occur in our society.” He has also made some references to environmental matters. “In recent months we have clearly seen that the effects of climate change are already real,” said Moreno, who recalled that “this year we have also suffered one of the worst fires in our history, that of Sierra Bermeja, in the that experts saw a consequence of global warming. ”

Finally, he wanted to say goodbye with a message of confidence and hope. “I ask for your trust. Trust in the Andalusian Government, of which I can promise the utmost dedication. But, above all, trust in yourselves. Individual trust and in Andalusia as a people, as the great people that we are, capable of overcoming the worst adversities historical, in solidarity with the rest of Spaniards, a hardworking people with enormous talent “. And he insisted: “Let us have hope. We are going through a very difficult time, I know. The pandemic is being a tough test. Let us keep up our spirits. The recovery is slow, but it is constant. Let us be optimistic. I am sure that 2022 will save greats. joys for all. We already deserve them. ”

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