Thursday, September 16

Moreno Bonilla: “The only one who decides the elections is me”

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, has once again ruled out the electoral advance. The beginning of the political course begins as it ended: with the intention that the elections be in the autumn of 2022.

The Andalusian Government sees a budget agreement with Vox as “more viable” than with the PSOE

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In an interview offered to Canal Sur, Moreno has insisted on “responsibility” and has put the “interests of the Andalusians” ahead of personal ones, the polls give him as a clear winner in hypothetical elections, and partisan. “The only one who decides the elections is me. The elections are not decided in Madrid.” “What we have to do is try to control the pandemic and rebuild the economy,” Moreno added along the same lines as his vice president, Juan Marín, who ruled out an electoral advance last Saturday. “No one would understand that we were so stupid as to call elections right now,” he said.

Moreno has spoiled that Vox maintains the threats of a break with his Government, which are looming more constantly in this final stretch of the legislature. Those of Santiago Abascal continue to tighten a rope that does not break. But the Chairman of the Board has also been “surprised” that the PSOE “is on an electoral campaign” after the act held by the Socialists in Jaén last Saturday and which had the participation of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez.

Moreno has reproached that Sánchez “messes with Andalusia” following the same confrontational strategy that the previous Andalusian president, Susana Díaz, did with the Executive of Mariano Rajoy.

Despite “being focused on what is important,” Moreno knows the need for his minority government to support Vox. He has tried to placate “the drums of elections that both the right and the left are creating in Andalusia”, but the Socialists are not interested in going to the polls.

The internal process that ended with the appointment of Juan Espadas as the new leader of the Andalusian Socialists was precipitated by fear of an electoral advance. Now, the Andalusian PSOE, aware that the polls are not favorable to it, has launched the strategy of “active listening” to meet the demands of the Andalusians in their attempt to recover their commitment to be the party with the highest representation in the Parlament.

The “constructive opposition” is the hallmark of Espadas, which has recently reached out to the Andalusian Government to carry out the autonomous budgets of 2022 and stop being a “hostage” of Vox. The PSOE needs time to return to have real options of being a government option. At the moment Moreno is not in a hurry and has stressed that his government can “hold out” with the extended budgets. “Another thing is that laws and decrees cannot be removed and Parliament becomes a mousetrap.”

Moreno resists “taking out the banners and megaphones” unless they block “everything.” Ahead, the Andalusian Executive has its sights set on an autumn where the priority is the Law of Impulse for the Sustainability of the Territory (LISTA), known as the Land Law and the reform of the Tax Law, with its corresponding reduction in taxes . When the legislative capacity of the Board is inefficient, Moreno will press the button for elections.

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