Sunday, October 17

Moreno endorses José Luis Sanz, Pablo Casado’s favorite, as PP candidate for Mayor of Seville

The president of the Junta and the Andalusian PP, Juan Manuel Moreno, has made public this Monday his support for José Luis Sanz, senator and current mayor of Tomares, as a future candidate for Mayor of Seville. Moreno left his office this morning, in the Palacio de San Telmo, and went to the next Plaza Nueva, in front of the Seville City Hall, where Sanz and a group of photographers from some media -including the Junta- were waiting for him. immortalize the meeting in front of the Town Hall façade.

Then they went together to have a beer on a terrace in the Plaza de El Salvador, a few meters away, and a few hours later, Moreno posted the photo on his Twitter profile, and Sanz gratefully replied: “On a site Special with José Luis Sanz. Talking about the future of Seville “, wrote one; “Thank you very much for your support, President Moreno. We will look together for the future of Seville,” replied the other.

The photo of Moreno and Sanz transcends the candidacy of the PP for the City of Seville, the most important capital that governs the PSOE in Spain, now in the hands of the new leader of the Andalusian Socialists and still mayor, Juan Espadas. The photo, painstakingly sought and publicized by their respective teams, also symbolizes the reunion between the national and Andalusian leadership of the PP, which just a few months ago went to the brawl on behalf of the provincial congresses of the party in Andalusia. Especially in Seville, where the candidate supported by Moreno Bonilla ended up succumbing to the current president, Virginia Pérez, who had the favor of Genoa. That internal pulse left an image of a disunited party and ended with complaints of a push from the losers.

The president of the Andalusian PP has consolidated his institutional leadership at the head of the Board and the party, but the PP of Seville, still in the distant wake of Javier Arenas, continues to be alien or hostile to him. In the last provincial conclave, the current president allied with Casado’s leadership to guarantee her survival. The popular Andalusians, including the regional executive, collided with Genoa and accused the environment of the secretary general, Teodoro García Egea, of wanting to control the Andalusian provincial congresses – with an eye on the national congress – even at the cost of shaking stability of the Government of Moreno Bonilla.

In that operation, the straw that broke the camel’s back was the announcement of José Luis Sanz as Genoa’s favorite candidate for Mayor of Seville. The party statutes say that it is up to the national structure of the PP to “propose” the heads of the list for the municipal ones -the next will be in 2023-, although many critical voices from Andalusia asked that they be heard and agreed upon. the names with the regional address. In Calle San Vicente, headquarters of the PP-A, the possibility of promoting the candidacy of the current Minister of Culture of the Junta, Patricia del Pozo, a veteran of the last Arenas batch, now very close to President Moreno, had been suspected.

José Luis Sanz is a senator and governs the Sevillian municipality of Tomares with an absolute majority. But it is much more. He was the most likely candidate to succeed Juan Ignacio Zoido as president of the Andalusian PP, as he had his support and that of the then general secretary of the party, María Dolores de Cospedal. That position ended up being occupied by Moreno Bonilla, recently landed from Madrid, little known then in these latitudes, but who took a decisive step and received the no less decisive decisive support from Arenas and the party president, Mariano Rajoy.

The photo of this Monday has, therefore, the value of seeing together after a long time two leaders of the PP who aspired to lead the party in Andalusia, and who did not compete in a congress, because the leadership of the conservative formation resolved from above without the need to see each other in a congress.

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