Tuesday, May 17

Moreno extends the unknown of the Andalusian electoral advance in June: “Everything continues according to the planned pattern”

After Holy Week, all eyes have turned to the president of the Andalusian Government, Juan Manuel Moreno, predisposed to call early elections so that the Government that comes out of the polls has new Autonomous Budgets adapted to the current context of economic crisis . From the San Telmo Palace, headquarters of the Board, they warn that the president “has not yet communicated a firm decision.”

This Monday, Moreno announced the “imminent” tender for a contract with Telefónica to supply a free Wi-Fi network in public spaces and buildings throughout Andalusia. On Tuesday, the Governing Council moves to Malaga, its city of origin, and that same day it could communicate to its team the dissolution of Parliament and the electoral call -as is mandatory- whose convocation decree would be published in an extraordinary manner on the same day . If so, the elections would be on June 12, but sources close to the Andalusian president do not take it for granted. “Lately many national media have been following me, I don’t know why. It is Monday afternoon, there is nothing new on the horizon and everything is going according to plan”, he himself joked during the inauguration of a health center in Marbella.

The vice president of the Board and regional leader of Ciudadanos, Juan Marín, has spent all of Holy Week denying Moreno’s arguments to advance the elections. This same Monday he has insisted that it would be “a surprise” that the president summoned imminently, but the power is exclusive to the regional baron of the PP and he has chosen to prolong the unknown until the last moment. “I will make the decisions that I have to make so that Andalusia successfully faces the current crisis and recovery”, he replied today.

During his speech at the inauguration of the 42Málaga programming campus organized by Fundación Telefónica, the president pointed out that, without a doubt, we are in a delicate moment due to an escalation in prices, which has been going on for a few months now and which is also influenced by “ unfair” invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which has impacted households and economic activity when the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic has not even been overcome.

In his opinion, the situation requires a lot of success and a lot of audacity “on the part of everyone”. “My commitment as President of the Government of Andalusia in this matter is that we have the determination to make all the decisions that we have to make so that Andalusia successfully faces the crisis and recovery”, according to Moreno, who referred immediately after to “impressive reforms”, such as a digital transformation, which is an imperative.

In the surroundings of the Andalusian president the certainty spreads that the elections will be in June. The three possible dates are June 12, 19 and 26, for which the dissolution decree would have to be signed this Tuesday, next Tuesday April 26 or the first Tuesday of May, day 2, which coincides with the Seville Fair. . After this last date, there would be no more option in the calendar to call elections before the summer, because Andalusian law prevents doing so in July and August. The elections would be in “autumn”, as Moreno proposed in his day, before beginning to fuel the theory of convening in June in order to have new Budgets before the end of the year.