Thursday, September 16

Moreno is “optimistic” despite the fact that the Sierra Bermeja forest fire has already devastated 5,000 hectares

The data is more encouraging. Conditions this Friday night have been “more favorable” for the stabilization and extinction maneuvers of the Sierra Bermeja forest fire, in Malaga, which has already devastated some 5,000 hectares since it originated at 9:37 p.m. Wednesday.

Sierra Bermeja burns shortly after its inclusion in the Sierra de las Nieves National Park was requested

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“It does not seem that today we have the concern that we had yesterday,” said the president of the Junta de AndalucĂ­a, Juan Manuel Moreno, who has attended the technical meeting to assess and update the fire in Estepona . From there he wanted to be more “optimistic” since the formation of “the famous pyrocumulus” that made the tasks of the ground troops who work to combat the flames difficult.

The active fire remains at level 2 of the Forest Fire Emergency Plan of the Autonomous Community (Infoca Plan), so external help is required in the extinction work. The Minister for the Environment of the Junta de AndalucĂ­a, Carmen Crespo, confirmed this Saturday morning that 41 aircraft have been mobilized. According to Infoca 17 of them are already acting on the right flank of the fire.

Activity has been “frenzied” throughout the night both within the perimeter and at the Forward Command Post, authorities have said. The Infoca has also communicated that the perimeter of the fire, about 41 kilometers, has not increased and that the objective is to stabilize it, although this is not expected to be done on this Saturday.

“It was provocated”

In his statements to the media, Moreno has indicated that “everything indicates that this fire was caused.” “A pile of litter and on top of it a pineapple lit with a lighter. If the methods are the same, everything indicates that this fire has been intentional,” said the Andalusian president, who has asked for citizen collaboration to denounce any “suspicious attitude “.

“It may take a month, it may take a year, but we will find them. Let them not sleep peacefully because we will hunt them down and they will face justice,” Moreno concluded.

The Andalusian president, in his priority of “saving human lives”, understands “the inconvenience that the fire can cause” to the thousand people who remain evacuated.

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