Thursday, September 21

Moreno marks the lane for Feijóo: “We have opened a path to regroup the center-right in Spain”

The acting president of the Junta de Andalucía and PP candidate for re-election, Juan Manuel Moreno, has slept three hours since he left the regional headquarters of his party in Seville this morning, with the strongest absolute majority ever seen in this community for 14 years. The popular ones have gone from the worst result in their history -26 seats- to the best: 58 deputies, 1.5 million voters, 19 points above the PSOE.

Moreno defends that the transfer of votes from Socialists to the PP has been key in that victory, which he does not interpret as an ideological change in a region traditionally leaning to the left, but by a “social majority that has opted for a rational vote”. “A community does not jump from one extreme to another just like that, there has been a quiet change, a little jump from that ideological trench in a non-traumatic way,” he said in an interview at Cope.

The acting president has congratulated himself on his comfortable advantage over the PSOE, but also for not having to govern with Vox, and has interpreted the latter in a national key, marking the way forward for Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s PP: “It is more capital have your hands free to govern. We have opened a path to regroup the center-right in Spain through the central lane, which is a wide, comfortable lane that allows you to drive at high speed”, he said.

Moreno maintains that his campaign has been “in an Andalusian key” and that Feijóo has contributed decisively, but “letting him do it.” However, he has also extrapolated his resounding victory and the crisis of the Andalusian PSOE to the whole of the country, asserting that “people wanted to show Pedro Sánchez the red card” and that “his government’s policies are not in tune with the majority Social”. “If things continue in this cascade, it is possible that he decides not to appear for the generals [del próximo año] and say: I’m getting off and someone else can come”, he maintains.

The “symbolic effect”

The popular ones believe that the electoral result this Sunday opens a new political cycle that will undermine the power of the PSOE in the municipal, regional and general elections. “The barons of the PSOE are going to distance themselves from Sánchez, because he will prioritize his interest over the interest of the party,” says Moreno, who recalls that “Andalusia has a symbolic effect on the PSOE that today has been blown up.”

The popular baron has lamented the “extinction” of Ciudadanos, his government partners, who have lost the 21 deputies they had in favor of the PP, but has recognized that this was also his objective: “Citizens is in the process of disappearing. Our objective was also to absorb Ciudadanos, there has been a catwalk vote, because their voters have interpreted that we manage their interests better”. The popular has said he feels a certain “nostalgia”, because his coalition with the oranges “has been positive for Andalusia”, and has left the door open to having some of his advisers in the new Government, which will form within a month, a Once the Andalusian Parliament is constituted on July 14.

The first measures of the new Executive of Moreno will have an “economic” profile, starting with the freezing of the regional water canon paid by companies, which will mean a drop in income of 150 million euros in the first year; the deflation of personal income tax and an aid plan for SMEs and the self-employed.