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Morgan Stanley Reiterates that the Metaverse Will Have a Market Easily Exceeding $8 Trillion in the Near Future

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Yes OK Morgan Stanley argues that the Metaverso will be one of the most lucrative markets of the future, it also ensures that there is still time to see greater adoption, especially with the technological and regulatory challenges that this would entail.


One of the world’s largest investment banks headquartered in the US, Morgan Stanley, projects that the market for Metaverso it could easily top $8 billion in the not-too-distant future.

According Morgan Stanley, the Metaverso it will be a revolutionary market

This was indicated by the banking entity in a recently published note addressed to investors, where this projection appeared and it stood firm with the reading it did a few months ago about the benefits and opportunities that this new space will bring, launching the idea that it could be something so revolutionary as to replace the mobile Internet.

The note published by Morgan Stanley reads:

“The Metaverse will become the next generation platform to replace the mobile Internet… We expect the Metaverse (and its total addressable market) to be expansive and go beyond the current online consumer market, which is dominated primarily by commerce. e-mail and spending on online entertainment.

The statements of the Morgan Stanley team remain in line with what was stated in November of last year, when he said something similar in light of the manifest interest in companies such as Facebook (now Meta) and Microsoft, noting that the Metaverse would be a “next generation gaming, streaming and social media platform” which will initially operate as an advertising and e-commerce forum:

“Like current digital platforms, we expect the metaverse to operate initially and primarily as an advertising and e-commerce platform for offline products/purchases.”

Adoption will take time

Even though things like virtual reality goggles and new platforms are bringing more and more people into the realm of Metaverso, For Morgan Stanley researchers, seeing greater adoption will be a process that will take a long time, precisely because these new technologies must overcome certain technological and regulatory barriers.

In this sense, the note reads:

“We already live in a digital world, spending more than six hours a day online, so mass adoption of the Metaverse will require a significantly better immersive experience compared to current mobile Internet offerings.”

Continuing with this idea, Morgan Stanley cited as the main regulatory obstacle the approach that China is taking to limit the time that young people spend on electronic platforms, precisely to prevent possible cases of addiction to these platforms and the risks associated with the theft of private information.

Despite the fact that many still see this concept from an approach linked to entertainment, several companies have already expressed their intention to create branches and virtual offices in the Metaverso, in order to take work activities to the next level and thus further overcome the geographical barriers that would mean having a team distributed in different countries around the world.

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