Friday, February 23

Most employees want to do their job in the metaverse | Digital Trends Spanish

Microsoft has just published the results of its report Work Trend Index, which shows the preferences of employees in a context marked by hybrid work. One of the most important conclusions is that most workers are willing to do part of their work in the metaverse.

According to the study prepared by the technology company, 52 percent of workers “are open to using immersive digital spaces in the metaverse for meetings or team activities during the next year.”

Meanwhile, a smaller number, about 47 percent, are willing to use a digital avatar to represent themselves in these meetings. Unsurprisingly, immersion in the metaverse excites young employees more.

According to the numbers, 51 percent of Gen Z workers and 48 percent of Millennials are most interested in using the metaverse for work, while 37 percent of Gen Xers are open to it. innovate in this field. For its part, interest in baby boomers is declining, where the figure barely reaches 27 percent.

At the other extreme are those who don’t want to be involved with the metaverse. On this item, 16 percent are unwilling or unwilling to engage with this virtual world, while 13 percent aren’t even sure what it is.

From Microsoft, the results of this research stand out, since they seem to be more optimistic than might have been initially thought, especially if one takes into account that the topic of the metaverse is rather recent and not all of them are related to it.

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