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Mother gives $1,800 to her son for 6 years without social networks | Digital Trends Spanish

A mother in the United States gave her son $1,800 for fulfilling a challenge that consisted of staying away from social networks until he turned 18.

The woman, identified as Lorna Goldstrand, counted to CNN that the intention of the peculiar bet was to keep his then 12-year-old son away from social networks, which he had heard could be harmful, an aspect that he verified with his own daughters, whom he said he came to see “too absorbed” on their cell phones.

The mother started the time and thus, Silvert Klefsaas grew up in an “abnormal” way, without Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook. Despite this, Silvert said that living offline was not that difficult.

“I would not say that there was a moment when I thought I was about to break the bet, also, as it progressed, it was like a matter of pride,” said the now 18-year-old, who received on February 19 his prize of $1,800 dollars.

The truth is that, far from feeling disconnected, Silvert said that getting away from the networks gave him free time for other activities, such as school and playing sports.

If anything, he said that the only setback he found growing up six years of his life offline is that he has to overcome a learning curve to have a presence on the networks.

“I see that my friends fly in the applications and I can not do it,” he said.

Paradoxically, the young man’s mother shared on Facebook the challenge she posed to her son. Her post went viral and many parents considered taking a similar gamble with their children.

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