Sunday, December 5

Mother’s Day: SME retail sales grew 42.1%

According to CAME, one of the sectors that grew the most this year was gastronomy, where real sales rose 82.6%, since the restaurants last year were either closed or working with capacity. “This year they were overwhelmed, with reservations from family groups as early as Saturday night,” it was reported.

The survey also indicated that there were “fewer promotions than usual (not including 2020), because businesses are working with very tight returns.” The average ticket stood at $ 3,776, almost double from last year.

This was explained “due to price increases and a certain improvement in the availability of both cash and financing that made it possible to make larger purchases.”

The data comes from a survey carried out by CAME between Sunday 17 and Tuesday 19 October in 300 SME businesses in the country by a team of 30 pollsters.