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Moto G71 5G: a cell phone that hardly stands out in the mid-range | Digital Trends Spanish

The Moto G71 5G It is an attractive cell phone in certain characteristics, however, it falls short in others. After testing it for a few days, it’s time to give you the first impressions of the newcomer to the Moto G series.

Unlike other models in the family, a direct ancestor of this smartphone cannot be traced. Difficult for it to be the Moto G60, because in some specifications it is superior. Thus, this strategy of simplifying the nomenclature of the Moto G family, on the contrary, becomes increasingly complex.

What I do like about the Moto G71 5G

It is convenient to start with the cell phone screen. It is a Max Vision panel of the OLED type with a size of 6.4 inches and Full HD + resolution (2,400 x 1,080 pixels). Regarding its update rate, it is 60 Hz, which means that it refreshes its image 60 times in a second.

The unit’s display offers its best in still photography: the colors are intense and the level of detail is optimal, as is the contrast.

When playing a YouTube video, for example, people will find good performance, especially an accurate image. The story is a bit different for action-packed streaming content, but more on that later.

Although there is no stereo sound, the audio coming from the smartphone is powerful and clear, ready to save anyone who has forgotten their hearing aids.

Regarding its rear design, the Moto G71 5G —with Android 11 from the factory— has a smooth “back”, so the transparent cover that is included in the purchase package will have to be immediately placed on it, especially to avoid a fall accidental.

The camera module is located in the upper left corner and is made up of a 50 MP main sensor with Quad Pixel technology, an 8 MP ultra wide angle – which also acts as a depth camera – and a 2 MP macro . The results offered by the set are optimal, although spectacular photographs should not be expected, especially due to the limitations of the range to which the mobile belongs.

On the back there is also the fingerprint sensor that makes it easy to unlock the unit (it responds efficiently). Meanwhile, all the physical buttons were placed on the right side: the one that activates the Google Assistant, the volume ones and the off button (for our taste, the first one is left over and is suddenly pressed accidentally).

The base of the phone houses the 3.5mm jack for wired headphones and the USB-C charging port, in addition to the aforementioned audio channel, which can be covered when the smartphone is held horizontally.

Other favorable aspects of the Moto G71 5G are its performance and autonomy. Again, considering that it belongs to the mid-range, the mobile allows you to run all kinds of productivity and entertainment applications smoothly thanks to its eight-core Snapdragon 695 processor, which is complemented by 6 GB RAM.

Moto G71 5G

And to have enough space for the apps and the content that is generated with the phone, the G71 5G has a storage of 128 GB.

With its 5,000 mAh battery, autonomy of up to 30 hours is promised on paper. When it’s time to plug it in, it goes from low to high in about 80 minutes (30-watt fast charge). More fast charging could have been required, but what is convenient is that it does not have to be connected to the mains every day.

what could be improved

The design of the Moto G71 5G could have been more risky. Although its back reflects light and appears to be metallic (it is actually a polymer), there is no texture present, which would also make it feel safer in the hands.

Regarding the refresh rate of the display, 60 Hz, it may fall a little short when playing some content in which the action predominates or when browsing the same equipment. It is striking that Motorola has chosen this number when other of its mobiles in the mid-range have a higher rate. The truth is that on a platform like Netflix, even with this update frequency, most of the series are reproduced optimally, without the annoying ghost effect.

Finally, and it is not the first time that it happens to us, we think that the smartphone is lost among the same offer from the Chicago manufacturer. We do not mean that it is a bad cell phone, but that it is difficult to see it as an improvement or evolution of any of the previous Moto G models.


The Moto G71 5G, ready for the 5G network, is a device with efficient features for various situations, both for entertainment and productivity. In Mexico, the mobile is sold for 7,600 pesos (about $368 dollars).

It may be a good starting point for those coming from the low end who want a device with more attractive specifications, from a fast charge of 30 watts to a display with accurate and vivid colors with the intention of enjoying their favorite content.

Those who are already in the mid-range and looking for a new cell phone, it is convenient that they turn to see a mobile with more balanced specifications, even within Motorola.

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