Saturday, September 30

Motorola canceled its presentation of the X30 Pro and Razr at the last minute | Digital Trends Spanish

This August 2nd was the day that Motorola would present its new cell phones in society X30Pro and the Razr 2022but at the last minute and for no apparent reason, he canceled the event.

The person responsible for communicating the decision has been Chen Jin, ‘manager’ of the mobile sections of Motorola and Lenovo, and has done so through the Chinese social network Weibo. In the statement, Jin confirms that today’s event has been canceled “for undetermined reasons”; he also apologizes and thanks for the “enthusiastic support” for Moto’s new products.

It is not clear if the cancellation of the event will affect the launch of the products. Chen Jin can only indicate that to find more information about these devices, users can follow the company’s social media accounts and website.

elucubrating, One possible reason is geopolitical. The situation in China is somewhat complicated at the moment by the tensions between China and the United States, after the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has confirmed her intention to travel to Taiwan soon.

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