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Motorola Edge 20 Pro review: worthy successor?

“With everything and that it did not have a price increase compared to its predecessor, the new phone does not feel like a true evolution. In fact, it makes more sense when you put it in front of the Moto G100 ”


  • Wide, quality screen

  • Balanced battery and fast charging

  • Sleek and modern finish

  • Good performance


  • Ready For fails to be an intuitive platform

  • Motorola does not risk in design

“Motorola’s return to the high-end looks promising, especially as it put state-of-the-art components and a sleek, functional design into the Moto Edge Plus,” I wrote a little over a year ago about this phone. What about his successor, the Motorola Edge 20 Pro? Did the Chicago firm decide to continue on this path or take a safer one? This is what the following analysis aims to answer.

At first glance or in terms of components, the Edge 20 Pro does seem to improve over the Edge Plus, especially since the former includes a higher refresh rate, a 30-watt fast charge, and more advanced optics. However, the second seems riskier in design, as its screen “bends” at the edges to almost 90 degrees and feels more secure in the hands.

Thus, it seemed more than, at least, Motorola to give continuity to the curved finish for which it opted last year, not one that has more than proven in its other recent generation models but that are more accessible, such as the Moto G100.

Elegant touch

The first thing that catches the attention of the Motorola Edge 20 Pro when you look at it from the back is its optical system, vertically aligned and composed of a periscope lens for “telephotography” (zoom of up to 50x), high resolution camera of 108 MP and 16 MP hybrid sensor (wide angle and macro). Also here is the Motorola logo, located in the center.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro

The optics perform well in a variety of conditions – it makes shots vivid in color. Compared to the 50x zoom, the accurate image fades when pushed to its highest level.

The fingerprint sensor is not integrated into the cell phone screen, as the Edge Plus did; It was placed on the power button on the right side, below the elements that allow you to control the volume. On the left side, the button that activates the Google Assistant stands out.

It is also striking that in the Edge 20 Pro it was decided to do without the Jack 3.5mm for wired headphones and stereo sound. It is at the base of smartphone where Motorola decided to put the only audio channel, in addition to the USB-C charging port and the mobile data card slot.

Yes, it is worth immediately putting on the plastic cover that is included in the purchase box, since you have the feeling that the equipment could slip from your hands, especially due to the matte finish of the rear glass that, is not Needless to say, it is a “magnet” of footprints.

What cannot be ignored is that the phone looks elegant and modern, especially since what it lost in “curves” in the front it gained a little in the rear.

Performance and autonomy

No problem, the Edge 20 Pro will respond optimally to any type of request from people, from playing your favorite content on streaming to everything that has to do with your communication and productivity.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro

In addition to the Snapdragon 870 processor, seen in units such as the OnePlus 9R and Xiaomi Black Shark 4, the unit integrates 12 GB of RAM and standards such as 5G network and Wi-Fi 6. In addition to its fast performance, the phone has everything necessary to provide content download without delay.

The fifth generation of mobile phone technologies is not yet available in Mexico, from where I write these lines, however, it is beginning to see more and more routers compatible with Wi-Fi 6 that do not represent a strong blow to the pocket of consumers.

In general, navigation between the different screens and applications occurs efficiently, without that delay that may suddenly appear on cell phones in a lower range.

In relation to their autonomy, there is also a balance. Although the power source is 4,500 mAh, which can be enough for a full day in more or less intensive use, its fast charge is 30 watts, which means that the phone will go from 15 to 100 percent of its capacity in about 60 minutes. On paper, the firm promises up to 540 minutes of performance with just 10 minutes of charging.

It would have been a good idea for the manufacturer to put a 5,000 mAh battery, although it is also appreciated not having to wait about 120 minutes for the cell phone to reach 100 percent in terms of power source.


The Edge 20 Pro screen is wider than the Edge Plus, and it is in this element that it is most noticeable that Motorola “broke” with the series to deliver a different unit. In simple terms, the display The 2020 phone looks more modern than the 2021 one, although inside the latter the latter may win.

For starters, now the panel – which is also OLED – has a refresh rate of 144 Hz (instead of 90 Hz) and a brightness that gives the feeling of being more intense.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro

All this translates into still images and video with great detail and vivid colors, without forgetting the optimal level of contrast. Also, the display supports HDR10 + for the purpose of enjoying movies, concerts and games with more lifelike and crisp tones.

The notch circular housing that houses the chamber for selfies 32 MP does not “interrupt” the multimedia experience, since it is not as large as other phones of its type.

Regarding the sound, there is a drop, and that is that the Edge Plus considered a stereo one. The new model comes with a single channel whose audio is powerful and clear, but it is still only one. Also, people will only be able to reach for their wireless headphones to enjoy their content, unless they have a USB-C to USB adapter. Jack 3.5 mm.

Ready for

The #Motorola Edge 20 Pro incorporates #ReadyFor both wired and wireless. This is what it looks like:

& mdash; Luis Miguel Paredes (@lm_paredes) October 12, 2021

Unlike its “direct brothers”, the Motorola Edge 20 Pro is compatible with all the modalities of Ready For, the Motorola platform that allows you to use your phone – even without cables – as a computer, multimedia player or video game console with the help of a keyboard, mouse, display and wireless game control.

You can also use a couple of extra accessories that the company sells to get the best out of this solution. It’s about a dock with fan that allows to keep the mobile at an optimal temperature, especially when it transmits video and charges at the same time, and a small remote control like the one integrated in televisions, which allows you to easily go to the different Ready For screens . For this review, both were tested and left a good taste in the mouth.

Likewise, the Motorola platform also offers the possibility of using the cell phone as a webcam in the different video calling services and even replicating the phone’s interface on the display from the computer (Windows only), here yes with the use of the cable included with the charger (USB-C to USB-C) or with a USB-C to USB-A, depending on the machine you have at home .

How intuitive are each of these experiences? One of the utilities of Ready For is to be able to play a video application on a Miracast compatible television. streaming on the cell phone, without having to offer the access credentials again. A more concrete example: with the recent arrival of Star Plus in Latin America the problem arose that its app it was not available on Roku, so the only way I had to play its content, from original series to live sports, was through Ready For (on some screens it did it wirelessly, but others, on non-smart ones, yes I used the corresponding cable: USB-C to HDM, which is included with the remote control that Motorola sells separately). It can be said that the experience of streaming video is satisfactory.

When you want to use the cell phone as a computer, there is a bittersweet result. For one thing, it’s not that a familiar desktop interface is reproduced or easy to master. When the Chrome browser is running, the requested web pages are displayed in their mobile version, making reading, if not impossible, very difficult. The same happens when you want to read incoming emails in Gmail (you don’t want to reply to any).

If you can put Instagram in a proper format, the experience may not be as painful here, as some photos do look more when viewed on a larger screen.

The point is that, despite the fact that it is said that the Edge 20 Pro can be used as a PC, the applications that you want to run through Ready For (those stored on the cell phone) are not optimized, so it is still there is a great job for Motorola to do.

However, when the user wants to use his mobile as a webcam, he will find an outstanding performance. In this mode, the phone allows you to choose the front or rear optics, track the object (the person’s face) and use the flash as a light source (rear camera only), among other possibilities.


The starting price of the Moto Edge Plus was $ 20,000 Mexican pesos, which is maintained for the Edge 20 Pro. With everything and that there was no price increase, the new phone does not feel like a true evolution of its predecessor. In fact, it makes more sense when faced with the Moto G100, for example.

Nor can it be demerited that it complies when talking about its large screen, performance and fast charging despite its 4,500 mAh battery.

The interesting thing will be to see if the Motorola Edge 20 Pro will come out well off when it faces the Edge Plus. If it doesn’t, I’ll be sorry to say that Motorola would have waited for a better (worthy) successor.

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