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Motorola Edge 20 review: good design and fast enough charging

“This member of the Edge 20 series enchants with its large OLED screen, performance and autonomy. It is a balanced phone both inside and out. ”


  • Attractive design

  • 30 watt fast charge

  • Good response in applications


  • Does not have stereo sound

  • No 3.5mm jack for wired headphones

It seems a good balance that Motorola has put a 4,000 mAh battery and fast charging in its Edge 20, a phone that is reviewed in the following review after testing it for a couple of weeks.

From the moment it is taken out of its box, which includes a transparent cover and the charger, the rear finish of the cell phone immediately draws attention. The phone in white —Also available in black— reflects different shades depending on the light, resulting in a mobile that looks sleek and modern.

In the upper left corner of its back is the pronounced optical module composed of three lenses: a 108 MP main sensor, an 8 MP telephoto lens (3x) and a 16 MP wide angle that also functions as a macro camera.

Unlike the Edge 20 Lite, this version does not incorporate the Jack 3.5mm headphone jack. The base contains the USB-C charging port, the audio channel and the SIM card slot. On the right side are the volume buttons and the power button, which also incorporates the fingerprint sensor to unlock the unit; on the left was the button that allows you to activate the Google Assistant.

The rounded edges make the device feel comfortable – without the feeling that it will slip unexpectedly – despite being a thin and light phone (6.99 mm and 163 g). By the way, the frame has an aluminum alloy.


Motorola says the Edge 20 integrates an ultravibrant and ultra-sharp OLED screen, and reason is not lacking. It’s about a display 6.7-inch (20: 9) Max Vision with attributes such as 144Hz refresh rate, HDR10 + support, and Full HD + resolution.

The set really shines when content is played on streaming or online videos. The colors are vivid and the contrast also shows deep blacks. You also don’t need to turn the brightness to the maximum level to have a good playback experience.

Motorola Edge 20

Of course, the panel is interrupted by the notch circular located in the center, which houses the chamber for selfies 32 MP; it is even more evident when playing a long format movie.

Regarding the audio, it would have been a good idea to implement stereo sound, however, it cannot be said that the only audio channel lacks power, so there will be no problem when wireless headphones are forgotten.

In general, the experience is favorable when playing the chapter of a series and even a game live, now that video platforms in streaming, like HBO Max or Star Plus, offer this modality in Latin America.

Performance and autonomy

At the beginning of this review it was said that there is a good balance between including a 4,000 mAh battery and a 30 watt fast charge. This means that the Moto Edge 20 is ready in less than 60 minutes. In fact, in tests carried out the power supply went from 10 to 100 percent of its capacity in just 55 minutes.

Heavier users may need to plug in the phone once a day, but that doesn’t mean they should spend around 120 minutes getting their unit at peak level.

While the Moto Edge 20 Lite integrates a 5,000 mAh battery and a 30 watt charge, it takes about 90 minutes for its battery to be full.

In relation to performance, the Edge 20 incorporates the Snapdragon 778G processor – like the Realme GT Master Edition and Honor 50 – in addition to a 6 GB RAM. These characteristics are more than enough for the smartphone deliver a good answer on all kinds of productivity and entertainment tasks and applications.

The chipmaker says this processor is ready for cutting-edge mobile gaming, accelerated artificial intelligence, and premium capture experiences. In addition, it is compatible with the 5G network.

Regarding storage, Motorola included 128 GB of space, enough to download the apps that each one considers essential and save the content that is generated by the phone, be it photos or video.

General experience

With the Edge 20, the fact that Motorola provides a “clean” Android experience is also repeated, although that does not mean that it does not deliver one or another touch of the house. Thus, the gestures that allow you to carry out different actions on the phone – from turning on the flash as a flashlight to taking a screenshot without using any button – or the possibility of displaying different shortcuts just by pressing the power button are not left out. .

There is also the new Ready For experience, which allows you to use your cell phone as a media player, computer (with the help of a wireless mouse and keyboard) or a video game console (requires a wireless game controller). The novelty is that this platform now gives all these possibilities without the need to use a cable; Of course, this requires that the screen or television accept the Miracast protocol.

In an example of its usefulness, it was possible to use the Star Plus application and play the HBO Max live sports on a larger television through the Edge 20. It should be remembered that the first one is not yet available for all the players in Latin America, while Roku does not run the live broadcasts of the WarnerMedia proposal.

The Ready For modes available include Ready For PC, also compatible with the new Motorola cell phone. This allows you to duplicate the mobile interface on your computer, with the possibility of copying files from one computer to another. The program to use this option is only enabled for Windows 10, so it was not possible to do the corresponding tests.

Regarding the user experience provided by the main optical system, one of the sections that were improved in the Motorola Edge 20 series, it can be said that it complies so that people have photos with a good level of detail and intense colors.

The camera interface also displays the necessary adjustment options to take pictures of landscapes or small objects on the ground without complications.

In general, the smartphone Motorola is an Android that feels efficient and “clean”, with the possibility, yes, of customizing it to the liking of each one, from the home screen to navigation inside the equipment.


With a price of 11,000 pesos for the Mexican market, the Edge 20 enchants for its large OLED screen, performance and autonomy. It is a balanced phone both on the outside and on the inside.

Yes, it could have integrated better fast charging, stereo sound or Jack 3.5mm for wired headphones, an element that is still crucial for some people. However, it cannot be claimed that it does not provide good performance and features that make it different, such as Ready For and the multiple customization alternatives for the user. Will it be enough for Motorola to gain a larger place in the mid-range?

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