Wednesday, August 10

Movements in Podemos Aragón: the coordinator dismisses Nacho Escartín, spokesperson in the Cortes, who seeks to approach Sumar

Nacho Escartín, spokesperson for Podemos in the Cortes de Aragón since 2019, has been dismissed from his position today through a Telegram message from Maru Díaz, coordinator of Podemos Aragón, “in which he informs me that he is dismissing me as Spokesperson in the Cortes de Aragón. Aragón, a function that I no longer exercise after an online vote in the Citizen Council and without prior debate”, Escartín has published on his social networks.

Shortly after, Podemos Aragón has published a note in which it is communicated that the Autonomous Citizen Council (CCA) has chosen Marta de Santos as the new spokesperson for the Parliamentary Group (GP) of the Cortes de Aragón and Marta Prades as deputy spokesperson and , at organic level, president of the GP. These appointments take place after the election, a few days ago, of María Goikoetxea as leader of Podemos in Zaragoza.

Escartín has described the announcement as “surprising” although he assures that he accepts the decision made. “Maru Díaz is going to put ‘trusted people’. Politically, I think it’s time to add, and that’s why I attended Yolanda Díaz’s act last Friday. It’s time to recover hope and people, to achieve better political results to change people’s lives”, Escartín said in reference to his attendance at the presentation of Sumar, Yolanda Diaz’s formation.

new appointments

Before becoming a deputy, Marta de Santos Loriente was general director of Climate Change in the Government of Aragon, from August 2019 to August 2021. She was mayor of Murillo de Gállego for two terms, from 2011 to 2019 and, previously, from 2003, she had been a councilor. He has actively participated in many social organizations, exercising various representations in student, social, and anti-globalization movements, in environmental entities such as COAGRET (Coordinator of those affected by large reservoirs and transfers), Cuenca Azul (affected by hydraulic works in the Ebro Basin), LindaNO Movement or RAPA (Public Water Network of Aragon), School Council of Aragon and from the defense of public services. She also works in rural municipal associations such as ADELPA or the Spanish Association of Mountain Municipalities. She was born in Barcelona in 1979, she has a degree in Fine Arts, Restoration and Heritage, a profession that she has practiced both on her own and in terms of training.

For her part, Marta Prades has been a deputy in the Cortes de Aragón since 2015. Currently, she is a spokesperson in the Industry commissions and in the Vertebration of the territory, mobility and housing commissions. She is a member of the Autonomous Citizen Council and she was a member of the Podemos Aragón Directorate from 2017 to 2020. She was born in Alcañiz (Teruel) in 1966. She studied administrative branch Professional Training at IES Bajo Aragón. He worked in different companies before joining the Aragonese Health Service professionally, both in Primary and Specialized Care, obtaining his position as statutory staff in 2011. He is a member of the platforms in defense of Public Services and Social Rights of Bajo Aragón and Bajo Aragón. Aragón Feminista and participated in the organization of the Marches of Dignity of 22M.

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