Tuesday, March 28

Movie about duo Milli Vanilli gets first look | Digital Trends Spanish

They became famous in the nineties, and their success came from songs like Girl You Know It’s True, which precisely gives its name to the biopic which will tell the story of Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan, the Milli Vanilli duo.

And this August 31, the first images of the production were revealed, which has Tijan Njie and Elan Ben Ali who will play the respective main roles of Pilatus and Morvan. Matthias Schweighöfer plays German music producer Frank Farian. The cast also includes Graham Rogers as Milli Vanilli’s American assistant, Todd, and Bella Dayne as Milli, Farian’s right-hand woman.

Simon Verhoeven is directing the moviewith Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann producing.

«Girl You Know It’s True focuses on the true story of the notorious scandal involving the Pilatus dancers and Morvan’s rise to fame in the late 1980s as pop sensation Milli Vanilli. Orchestrated by Farian, they become global stars with three US No. 1 hits and even won a Grammy. But only a small circle of insiders knew that the duo never sang a word of their songs. When the truth was finally revealed, they stared into the abyss at the center of one of the biggest scandals in music history,” reads the synopsis.

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