Monday, March 27

Mozilla Foundation announces it will accept donations in cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies continue to gain space around the world and may now be donated to the Mozilla Foundation, which develops the famous Firefox browser.

This browser is one of the most used around the world, competing with Edge, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Brave, the latter fully connected to the cryptocurrency market.

With great competition in the market, this software tries to remain competitive and faithful to the motto of “fast, private and free”, in addition to defending an open internet accessible to all.

Mozilla Foundation announces it is accepting cryptocurrencies as a donation

An announcement caught the attention of the world’s internet community on the last day of the year, which was for the Mozilla Foundation to now accept donations in cryptocurrencies. To do this, a partnership was made with BitPay, a company that will process the donation in thousands of cryptocurrencies for those who want to help improve Firefox.

“Do you mess with Dogecoin? HODLing some Bitcoin and Ethereum? We are using BitPay to accept donations in cryptocurrencies.”

When accessing the Mozilla website, it is not yet possible to find the Bitcoin donation option directly, which should be implemented soon.

This call for donations from Mozilla comes at a bad year end for the business, with millions of users not using the service. According to data from statcounter, 3.91% of internet users are on Firefox, which is the fourth largest in number of users, losing to Chrome, Safari and Edge.

Even so, a study The August 2021 estimate that since 2018 nearly 50 million users have stopped using the browser, a worrying number for the future of one of the most private browsers on the market.

Bitcoin Donations May Not Be That Private

But it does draw attention to an interesting point of the adoption of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin donations by Mozilla, which prides itself on being a private browser. In a wiki updated in recent days, page that is open to the community to change the texts, it explains the details of the Bitcoin donation now accepted by this internet foundation.

Among the advantages of accepting donations with BitPay, the explanation is that the 1% fee charged by the cryptocurrency company is much lower than that charged by PayPal. In other words, more resources will reach Mozilla via cryptocurrencies.

However, if the donor chooses to donate cryptocurrencies to Mozilla, he may have to identify himself, as the company must declare its possessions to the US Internal Revenue Service. In other words, these donations will not be private, documents being required for those who donate more than US$5,000.

Anyway, the new modality of donations with cryptocurrencies reaches yet another company, after a year in which cryptocurrency donations increased by 583%.