Thursday, July 29

Mr. No

Euthanasia law, wrong. The education law, wrong. Trans law, wrong. European funds for reconstruction, bad. The government reshuffle, bad. The law of Democratic Memory, bad…. All wrong.

It does not matter when you read this and the statement of the last regulation that the Government has approved. It is the opposition of Pablo Casado. There is not a single initiative that deserves your consideration, nor your transaction, much less your approval. When everything is wrong, everything is the destruction of Spain and the birth of a “new regime”, credibility is lost. And that is what is about to happen to Pablo Casado. That his hyperbolic speech, his ups and downs, his trifles and his weakness have deprived him of the minimum reliability and he is barely heard, except to be recorded in the newspaper library of his “pearls”. Someday, it is not known if he or someone from the party he represents will rule this country and his words will surely have a boomerang effect.

Already known as “Mr. no”, he has said, of course, no to the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary. Not to the Constitutional one. Not to the Court of Auditors. No to the granting of pardons to the leaders of the procés. No to the alarm state (and yes to the exception state). Not after one hundred days of grace to the new ministers. No to the victims of the Franco regime having the recognition they deserve. No to a new regional financing model. No to political détente with Catalonia. No to more self-government. No to the State extinguishing the foundation of the Valley of the Fallen in apology for Francoism. No to updating the contents of the Civil War and the dictatorship in schools. No to facilitating access to historical archives for research and dissemination between 1936 and 1978.

“El Señor No” has announced that it will repeal the Democratic Memory law that will be approved this Tuesday by the Council of Ministers and that various international human rights organizations recommended a long time ago, especially the reports of the UN Rapporteur Pablo de Greiff of 2014 and the Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances. A few days ago he said that he would do the same with all the social laws approved by Sánchez. It will not leave one in the BOE, what a country ventures, not without law, but without social rights, without dignity and without memory that does not rescue the truth and that equates the executioners with their victims. Will you dare?

For moments, Casado prefers to forget that the dead are still in the gutters and that Spain does not do an exercise in collective memory, as Germany did with several laws that eliminated the vestiges of Nazism or promoted Italy after the end of World War II and the death of Mussolini. He has already said – no less than from the gallery of the Congress of Deputies – that the Civil War was a confrontation in which “some wanted a democracy without law and others a law without democracy.” That Cuba is a dictatorship should have been told by his colleague Carromero, guilty of involuntary homicide for the accident in which the opposition Oswaldo Payá died, but the coup against the legitimate government of the Second Spanish Republic should not be among his academic contents. .

Everything fits in politics. Also that a former minister of Aznar and Suárez, such as Rafael Arias Salgado, call Dutch Mark Rutte “son of a bitch”, in the presence of Casado during a conference entitled “Concord, Constitution and Patriotism”, and that the leader of the The opposition would laugh at him because, overall, he is our son of a bitch and will “closely” monitor the granting and application of European funds to Spain.

What has been said: democracy, which has an extraordinary resistance, endures everything. Also a leader of the opposition more diligent in the “always not”, the witty replies and the crude insults than in the weighted judgment, the institutional loyalty and the constitutional obligations. The question is whether the PP will hold it and until when. We will see…

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