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MTT S60 is the first graphics card 100% made in China | Digital Trends Spanish

About a year and a half was the time it took to develop and manufacture the first 100% “made in China” graphics card. At least that is what the brand new company Moore Threads claims, which called the GPU the MTT S60.

The model is based on hardware made with 12nm photolithography and MUSA cores with Sudi architecture, said the creator of the firm, Zhang Jianzhong, former global vice president of NVIDIA. Furthermore, he announced a performance of 6 TFLOPs.

The creation was revealed and tested, at the same time, with the video game League of Legends (LoL) at 1080p. However, press reports such as those of Xataka showed that the firm was in debt by saving the FPS rate.

As an example, Tom’s Hardware cited that the capabilities of the Moore Threads MTT S60 are similar to those of the Xbox One X console announced in 2017. A year earlier, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 was introduced, with approximately 6.5 TFLOPs.

“According to reports from the launch event, this GPU has four main processing engines: graphics, AI, video and physics,” the site added.

Although LoL is not a particularly demanding title for graphics cards, the 100% “made in China” GPU supports advanced features, such as global illumination, spatio-temporal anti-aliasing and physical rendering, among others, according to the same source.

Tom’s Hardware specified that the video processing is carried out by an intelligent multimedia engine and that the component would be “capable of supporting 8K codecs” and would be “compatible with AV1 codecs for cloud conferencing and live streaming.”

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